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Brotato Patch Notes – Update

Brotato Patch Notes – Update

Imagine getting stuck on an alien planet filled with bizarre aliens wanting to kill you. If you find this setting intriguing, Brotato might become your next favorite game. Brotato is a roguelite bullet-heaven game where players play the role of a potato stranded on an alien planet with a loadout of unique guns. This indie game is still in its early stage and has just received patch update

Patch has introduced new weapons, challenges, and characters. Other than these, the developer has also added several quality-of-life features and fixed many bugs. Let’s look at what’s new in Brotato patch update

Brotato Update Patch Notes

brotato how to install mods


  • Added 3 elites and 2 enemies
  •  Added 2 new characters (Artificer and Hunter) + 2 new unlocks
  •  Added 4 new challenges/achievements
  •  Added 3 new weapons (Sniper Gun, Crossbow, and Plank)
  •  Added Italian and Turkish
  •  Tweaked most waves (especially on Danger 1+)
  •  Tweaked some hitboxes
  •  Added the Medieval weapon set
  •  Replaced Danger II’s effect “inflation is higher” with “elites and hordes appear” and Danger IV’s effect “enemies drop less materials” with “more elites and hordes appear”

Weapon changes:

  • Obliterator: bullet size increased, bullet color changed
  •  Plasma Sledgehammer: explosion size & chance increased
  •  Power Fist: explosion size increased
  •  Thunder Sword: damage scaling increased
  •  Taser: higher tiers scaling decreased
  •  Slingshot: price increased
  •  Shuriken: crit damage x1.25 => x1.5
  •  Spiky Shield: decreased Armor scaling & damage, Support => Blunt, Medieval
  •  Sword: Heavy => Medieval
  •  Screwdriver: crit chance increased, damage now scales on Melee & Engineering
  •  Pistol: price decreased
  •  Laser Gun: cooldown slightly decreased

Item changes:

  • Warrior Helmet: -10% Speed => -5%
  •  Potato: +1% Life steal, +1 Armor, +3% Dodge, price slightly decreased
  •  Tractor: price decreased, tier IV => III, +60 Harvesting => +40, -10% Damage => -8%
  •  Crown: price decreased, tier IV => III, +10 Harvesting => +0, +10% Harvesting interests => +8%
  •  Coupon: -6% Item Price => -5%
  •  Hunting Trophy: 50% chance to gain 1 material on crit kill => 33%
  •  Alien Baby: +5% Enemy Speed => +8%
  •  Snail: -10% Enemy Speed => -5%, -5% Speed => -3%, price reduced
  •  Ricochet: -50% Damage => -35%

Character changes:

  • Chunky => +25% Max HP modifications, +1% Damage for every 3 Max HP, +3 HP healed from consumables, -100% Lifesteal, -50% HP Regeneration and Dodge modifications, -100% Speed modifications, changed starting weapons
  •  Soldier: +10% Speed
  •  Multitasker: -6% Damage / weapon => -5%
  •  Engineer: landmines no longer spawn grouped up, +50% Engineering modifications => +25%
  •  Entrepreneur: -30% Item Price => -25%
  •  Ranger: +33% Ranged Damage => +50%, +15% Crit Chance => +0, +100 Range => +50
  •  Explorer can now start with a Hatchet when unlocked
  •  Lucky: can now start with Screwdriver

Other changes:

  • Turrets now also target trees
  •  Having negative Luck is less punishing
  •  Burning ticks slower
  •  Loot aliens now always drop a crate
  •  Added an option to keep items locked between shops (instead of unlocking automatically when getting to the next shop)
  •  Added an option to remove screen darkening when taking damage
  •  Added an option to hide boss health bars
  •  Added an option to stop pausing automatically when the game loses focus
  •  Added an option to mute the game when it loses focus
  •  Added an option to enable manual aiming when pressing the left mouse button
  •  Added an option to highlight enemy projectiles
  •  Pressing the left mouse button while using the “Mouse Only” mode now makes your character stop

Developer Blobfish has also fixed several bugs in Brotato. Interested players can check all the bug fixes in the official changelog.

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Brotato Patch Notes – Update


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