Furniture are decorative items in Blue Archive that players can place in the Cafe area to increase the Comfort Level—an attribute that increases the AP and Gold income. 

Similar to playable characters, the furniture in Blue Archive comes in different rarities. And, depending on the rarity, players can get Comfort points. Players also obtain bonuses for placing furniture from the same set. 

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Due to the availability of a very high number of furniture in Blue Archive, players are not aware of the available furniture or their set. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a handy list that names all the available furniture in Blue Archive.

List of All Furniture in Blue Archive

Here is the complete list of Furniture Items that players can find and obtain in Blue Archive. 

  • Air Hockey Machine
  • Arcade Signboard
  • Barista Peroro Doll
  • Blue Arcade Machine
  • Blue Tile Floor
  • Blue Tile Wall
  • Blue Wood Partition
  • Brown Checker Carpet
  • Cassette Tape Table
  • Chocolate Partition
  • Chocolate Signboard
  • Chocolate Sweets Model
  • Chocolate Sweets Wall
  • Colored Couch with Peroro
  • Colored Couch
  • Colored Single Chair
  • Colored Two-Tiered Flower Pot
  • Colorful Pattern Carpet
  • Colorful Vending Machine
  • Crafting Chamber/Furniture
  • Dancing Star Machine
  • Drink Set with Wooden Storage
  • Flower Pot Shelf
  • Folding Resort Chair
  • Folding Resort Table
  • Foliage Plant
  • Glass Window
  • Halloween Shooting Set
  • Handmade Chocolate Model
  • Jellies Crane Game
  • Jellies Signboard
  • Large Chocolate Fountain
  • Large Colorful Pool
  • Log Chair
  • Log Large Table
  • Log Side Chair
  • Log Storage Case
  • Log Storage Table
  • Momo Friends Menu Wall
  • Momo Friends Pillar
  • Momo Friends Signboard
  • Momo Friends Storage Case
  • Multi-Colored TV
  • Natural Wooden Wall
  • Pattern Tile Floor
  • Pattern Tile Wall
  • Peroro Set Shelf
  • Pillar with Point Proof
  • Pink Heart Background
  • Pink Stool
  • Purple Arcade Machine
  • Racing Machine
  • Random Furniture
  • Red Arcade Machine
  • Resort Glass Window
  • Resort Sofa with Canopy
  • Round Striped Carpet
  • Simple Blue Carpet
  • Simple Rectangular Flowerpot
  • Small Pool with Floats
  • Small Window
  • Summer Dessert Set Table
  • Summer Umbrella Set
  • Summer Wavy Wall
  • Summer Whiteboard
  • Trinity Fountain
  • Tropical Art Frame
  • Valentine Chocolate Window
  • Valentine Cookie Sofa
  • Valentine Heart Present box
  • Valentine Multi-Table
  • Valentine Pink Floor
  • Valentine Pink Sweets Model
  • Valentine Single Chair
  • Valentine Storage Set
  • Valentine Sweets Bar Counter
  • Valentine Sweets Kitchen Counter
  • Valentine Sweets Oven
  • Valentine Sweets Showcase
  • Valentine Tea Table
  • White Coffee Table
  • White Dessert Table
  • White Simple Sofa
  • Whiteboard
  • Window with Curtains
  • Wooden Bar Counter
  • Wooden Floor
  • Wooden Kitchen Counter

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Blue Archive is an anime-styled gacha-based roleplaying game released this November on Android and iOS platforms.

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List of All Furniture in Blue Archive


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