The Dungeon in Lionheart: Dark Moon is extremely challenging and really puts your entire lineup of heroes to the test. I love it and even though I haven’t managed to get to battle 100 yet, I’m getting better and better each week and I am sure I’ll be there sooner rather than later.

And if you want to improve your game and get further down in the dungeon, our Lionheart Dark Moon Draft Dungeon Guide will help you achieve that. We have all the tips, tricks and recommendations that you need in order to make a solid run and collect countless treasure chests along the way!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below a complete guide to beating the Lionheart: Dark Moon Dungeon!

Check the enemies you’re going to face
Each set of 5 battles in the game throws at you enemies of a particular element (Mirror, Gaea, Dark, Light etc). It is extremely important to check out what type of enemies you’re going to face AND the type of enemies you’ll be facing in the next set of 5 battles:

This way, when getting to choose your heroes for battle, you will be able to select one that is strong against the current element, followed by one that will be strong against the upcoming elements. At worse, you will select an enemy that is neither strong nor weak against the current enemies.

Know your heroes
You can’t get very far in the game unless you really know your heroes – their strengths and weaknesses. Some are damage dealers, some are tanks, some are healers and some are support units. You have to make sure you know which is which and bring the best one in battle.

I personally like to have a team focused on attack and damage dealing. If possible, I get a healer into the team, but I prefer those who regenerate instead because healers are usually useless in attack and take time to heal, especially at the lower ranks.

Instead, focus on high health, high attack heroes in order to cruise through the early stages, keeping your weaker heroes alive for as long as possible. And this can only be done by knowing what each hero does.

Level up all your heroes
I know that in a guide of the best heroes in the game, you won’t find many common ones listed, but they do matter if you want to get as far as possible in the dungeon.

So spend potions or time fighting to level up ALL your heroes. When the Dungeon launched, I started working on all my heroes, from the weakest one to the top. It took me a long while to max them all out, but it was well worth it. I was only able to get to level 15 on my first dungeon, but after leveling up my weaker ones, I got instantly to 25, then worked up to 30 and 35 during the next couple of weeks, as I managed to max them all out.

My plan now is to start ranking them up and level them up even further. The commons only need 1000 coins to be ranked up once and then they can go all the way to level 20, which will give them a massive boost in the long term for the dungeon.

Equip your heroes
Pets are extremely useful in the game, but you probably didn’t really care to equip your weakest heroes with one. Now you should.

Simply start by adding any type of pet you have available to your heroes, then as you have more options, start upgrading those pets. I don’t feel that you should spend money to level those pets up – at least not for the weakest heroes, but at least make sure that there’s some sort of pet boosting your heroes’ skills.

Later on, when you have a solid understanding of your heroes and their skills, as well as more pets to choose from, you can start equipping pets that will truly help them – for example, add a crit multiplier pet to a hero that already has high Critical chance and so on.

Friendship bonuses
Now, if you have some spare time on your hands, you can really take this to the next level, by increasing the friendship levels of your heroes. This can be done by sending the same team over and over into battles in the campaign mode – but the good part is that you don’t need tokens to get the benefits.

So set groups of 4 heroes that are most likely to fight together in the dungeon (based on their strength), set the game to auto battle and send your team complete the easiest mission in the game over and over again. You can simply let the device charging on your desk and tap every now and then to restart the mission.

This takes a lot of time, but is extremely useful because it increases the chances of Friendship attacks and therefore helps you deal more damage in the battles. At the same time, this is a very long term commitment so you don’t really have to do it if you don’t have enough time on your hands.

Rearrange your heroes
There are sometimes some awkward hero placements when the huge sized ones take up the bottom right spot, covering everybody behind. This is usually bad if you have a healer or a stat booster and you want to target one of the hidden heroes in your team.

However, you can fix that by going back to the dungeon after the battle is won and restarting the battle. Now your heroes will be rearranged and easier to manage.

I really hope that this guide will help you do better in the Lionheart Dark Moon Dungeon. And if you have any additional tips or strategies, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing a comment below.


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