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Limbus Company Tier List & Reroll Guide

Limbus Company Tier List & Reroll Guide
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Being the Executive Manager in Limbus Company is not an easy job. Luckily, you can count on the help of different sinners with their unique skills and personalities. Still, wherever there are multiple heroes and characters, there are also favorites.

In this article, we present our Limbus Company tier list of sinners and their best identities based on our experience. If you’re not happy with what you pull at first, you can always consult our reroll guide down below and start the game the way you want.

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Limbus Company Tier List

Limbus Company characters
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

To be honest, you can do a lot with each sinner and identity in Limbus Company. Many of them have great passives, and the performance also depends on the synergy you get with specific E.G.Os. Therefore, this tier list is a product of our experience based mostly on personal preferences.

Without further ado, here’s our ranking of Limbus Company sinners and identities:

S[Kurokumo Wakashu] Hong Lu, [Kurokumo Wakashu] Ryoshu, [R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit] Heathcliff, [Seven Section 6 Director] Outis, [The One Who Grips] Faust, [The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair, [Tingtang Gangleader] Hong Lu, [W Corp. Cleanup Agent] Don Quixote
A[G Corp. Head Manager] Outis, [G Corp. Manager Corporal] Gregor, [Kurokumo Wakashu] Rodion, [LCB Sinner] Outis, [LCB Sinner] Sinclair, [LCCB Assistant Manager] Ishmael, [Lobotomy Corp. Remnant] Faust, [R.B. Chef de Cuisine] Ryoshu
B[LCB Sinner] Faust, [LCB Sinner] Heathcliff, [LCB Sinner] Hong Lu, [LCB Sinner] Ryoshu, [Liu Section 5] Hong Lu, [Liu Section 6] Gregor, [N Corp. Groẞhammer] Meursault, [N Corp. Kleinhammer] Heathcliff, [N Corp. Mittelhammer] Rodion, [R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer] Ishmael, [Seven Section 6] Ryoshu, [Seven Section 6] Yi Sang, [Shi Section 5] Ishmael
C[Blade Lineage Salsu] Sinclair, [Blade Lineage Salsu] Yi Sang, [Jefe de Los Mariachis] Sinclair, [LCB Sinner] Gregor, [LCB Sinner] Ishmael, [LCB Sinner] Meursault, [LCB Sinner] Yi Sang, [LCCB Assistant Manager] Rodion, [Liu Section 6] Meursault, [N Corp. Mittelhammer] Don Quixote, [R.B. Sous-chef] Gregor, [Shi Section 5 Director] Don Quixote, [W Corp. Cleanup Agent] Faust
D[Blade Lineage Cutthroat] Outis, [LCB Sinner] Don Quixote, [LCB Sinner] Rodion, [Shi Section 5] Heathcliff, [W Corp. Cleanup Agent] Meursault, [Zwei Section 6] Sinclair

Also, if we had to pick only one S-tier character, it would have to be [R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit] Heathcliff. In this combination, Heathcliff is excellent in fights that don’t last long thanks to the ammo mechanic. He is also great for farming, and his stats are also among the best with a Max HP of 132, Speed Range of 3-7, and Defense of 28. Moreover, Heathcliff has great skills and passives, with Tenacity bringing additional 10% Pierce damage to the ally with the highest speed.

How to Reroll in Limbus Company

If you’re not satisfied with the sinners and identities you pulled on the first try, you can always reroll. The process is quite simple if you follow these instructions:

  1. Start the game and use the option to sign in as a guest at this point
  2. Finish installing the updates and feel free to skip the tutorial
  3. Claim all the freebies in your inbox once you get to the home screen
  4. Use the Extract tab to spend your pre-registration awards and see which characters you get
  5. Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner
  6. Choose Settings and then Account
  7. Scroll down to find the Close Account option if you’re not happy with your selection and want to start over
Close Account in Limbus Company
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

In case you got some good characters, you can link your account and proceed with the game.

And there you have it—our list of the best characters in Limbus Company with a guide on how to reroll if you feel like you deserve better. We hope you pull only S-tier characters! Want more mobile fun? Check out our list of the most anticipated mobile titles for 2023!

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Limbus Company Tier List & Reroll Guide