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Lies of P Simon Manus Boss Guide – How to Beat Final Boss Easy

Here's a guide on how to cheese Simon Manus in Lies of P, containing all the information that you need to know.

Simon Manus is one of the hardest bosses in Lies of P, serving as the last or second to last boss, depending on which of the three endings you choose. While the game allows you to summon a Specter to make the Simon Manus battle in Lies of P a little easier, for some players, getting through his wide range of attacks and the Disruption status in the second phase is too much. 

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In our Lies of P final boss guide, we give you an overview of how both phases in the Simon Manus boss battle unfold, while sharing tips on how to beat Simon Manus in Lies of P

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Lies of P Simon Manus Boss Battle Guide

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The Simon Manus boss battle in Lies of P has two phases. In the first phase, you fight the mutated Simon Manus, who uses his massive mace to perform the following attacks:

  • Swing: uses the weapon to attack left to right or right to left; 
  • Leap Attack: jumps into the air and launches himself on the ground; 
  • Overhead Swing Smash: swings and smashes his mace on the ground in this attack; 
  • Fiery Overhead Swing: smashes the weapon on the ground; a swirling effect occurs, summoning a pool of frost fire. 

During the first phase, imbue your weapon in Fire or Acid, try to stay behind him constantly, and aggressively attack him. You can tank, guard, or Perfect Guard all his attacks, as they are easy to counter. 

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In the second phase of the battle, he performs the following attacks:

  • Pillar attack: Manus summons a ghostly pillar to strike you;  
  • Ground Strike: he swings the Arm of God backward and throws a gust of air in a cone-shaped AoE;
  • Mace Strike Followed By Leap Attack: he strikes the mace from left to right or right to left, jumps in the air, and launches himself to your location for a ground attack; 
  • Disruption Orbs: Manus moves left to right or right to left, firing orbs that inflict Disruption status; 
  • Celestial Orbs: throws a series of obs that expand as they move across the arena; 
  • Roll: he performs a dodge roll that inflicts damage; 
  • Disruption Strikes: he summons an orb that fires a series of Disruption bolts; 
  • Lightning Mace: charges lightning on his mace and strikes it on the ground; 
  • The God Hand: summons a giant hand that hits in an AoE. 

In the second phase of the Simon Manus boss battle, instead of wasting your time staying behind him, stay in front, use guard, and keep attacking. As soon as he tries the Disruption attacks or the God Hand, run around until the attack ends. 

How to Cheese Final Boss Simon Manus in Lies of P

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To cheese Simon Manus, you need the following items and gear:

  • Puppet String Legion Arm maxed out 
  • Throwables like Thermite, Short Put, Cell, and such
  • Star Fragment to summon the Spector 
  • A fire or acid Grindstone
  • Cube with Friendship Wishstone

Once you have the said items and gear, summon the Specter and head into the boss arena. Use your fire Grindstone and move away from the boss until the Specter takes the aggro. 

After that, perform charged and normal hits on Simon Manus from behind and try to stagger him. Even if he doesn’t stagger, try to take him down before he kills the Specter, which should be easy if you have invested in Technique, Motivity, or Advance based on your build. 

When the second phase starts, use the Wishstone to restore the Specter’s HP and use all your throwables on Manus while saving a few. Try to stick close to him while he tries to attack the Specter and land as many hits as possible. 

You can use the Puppet Strings charged attack to increase Stagger and close the gap. When the boss is low on HP, use the last bit of your throwables, and that’s it. 

Is Simon Manus the Hardest Boss in Lies of P?

Many players argue that this is one of the hardest bosses in the game (hence the cheese). After all, it’s the final boss, right? However, not everyone finds it THAT challenging, and that is probably because they have already been equipped with the “right gear”, and had an idea of how to work around it.

For most players though that’s not the case, and thus consider Simon Manus the hardest boss in Lies of P. The Simon Manus battle is one of the trickiest too, so it is going to take a lot of patience if you haven’t yet tried it for yourself (just a heads-up). You can also check the Parade Master boss guide for comparison!

That concludes our guide on how to beat the final boss, Simon Manus, in Lies of P. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lies of P section

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Lies of P Simon Manus Boss Guide – How to Beat Final Boss Easy