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Lies of P Parade Master Boss Guide | How to Beat Parade Master

Here's all the information that you may need to know about how you can defeat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P.

The Parade Master is the introductory boss in Lies of P, between Hotel Krat and the Krat Station. You encounter him in the Krat Central Station Plaza, which soon becomes a boss arena, as you try to make your way to the hotel guided by a mysterious voice. 

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Despite being an introductory boss, many players find it hard to defeat the Parade Master. Even veteran Souls players, who mastered parry in games like Sekiro, find it hard to perform Perfect Guard in Lies of P due to the uncoordinated attacks of the puppets. 

Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide with the best way to easily beat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P, while also going over his attacks. 

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How to beat Parade Master in Lies of P 

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In Lies of P, you can easily defeat the Parade Master by using the Electric Blitz Abrasive and Throwing Cell. Since the Parade Master is a puppet, he is prone to Lightning elemental status that you can easily apply using throwables, like the Throwing Cell, which you can purchase from the Merchant NPC standing near the punching clown at the Parade Master boss arena’s entrance. 

The same is true for Electric Blitz Abrasive, which you can use to imbue your weapon in Lightning to inflict Lightning elemental status, scaling the damage you do to the boss while gradually reducing his HP. 

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Here is a basic breakdown of the Parade Master’s attacks:

  • Hand Strikes: with his hands, he performs a variety of basic attacks, which you can tank using guard or parry using Perfect Guard; 
  • Body Strike: tries to body slam you and runs toward you; 
  • Stomp Attack: there are two types of stomp attacks the boss does. First, he slams the ground using his left and right hand, followed mainly by a fury attack. In the second stomp attack, he uses his foot; 
  • Grab Attack: he extends his left hand to grab you; 
  • Fury Attack: in this attack, the boss joins his hands and performs a ground slam with his arm and body. 

You can Guard or Perfect Guard the Parade Master’s attacks. When his HP is above 50%, his attacks are slow and easy to predict. So, we recommend getting behind him instead and using successive attacks. 

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Once the HP reaches the half point, he will slam the cage on his back on the ground and make it into a melee weapon, while becoming more aggressive. 

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Still, the attacks are easy to predict and block. But since you are reading this guide, it likely means you are having a hard time, so here is what we recommend. As soon as he strikes the cage on the ground, you get a window of 2 seconds. Attack him with charged attacks, then use the Throwing Cells you can get for 200 Ergo. 

Throw everything at once and attack him when you get an attack window. If you manage to land enough charged attacks when he is stuck, using the Throwing Cells will kill him, as they deal significant damage. 

That concludes our guide on how to defeat the Parade Master boss in Lies of P. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lies of P section

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Lies of P Parade Master Boss Guide | How to Beat Parade Master