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Lies of P Gestures Locations & How to Use

Today's guide will revolve entirely around the Lies of P gestures, their location, and some additional tips on how (and where) to use them.

Being such an incredible game, Lies of P has a myriad of features that make its gameplay noteworthy. One such feature is gestures, so today’s guide will revolve entirely around the Lies of P gestures, their location, and some additional tips on how (and where) to use them.

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Starting at the very beginning, we’ll talk a little bit about what gestures are and what the purpose of getting them is since they’re not only used for fun and entertainment. Some of them, used in specific locations, can grant you additional bonuses. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

What Are Gestures in Lies of P

Like in many other games, gestures (or emotes) are used to perform an action. From sitting to greeting or clapping, these actions can be used to express an emotion, or even trigger in-game secrets. Some of the gestures are unlocked from the very beginning, but others can be obtained by playing and/or interacting with various NPCs.

ImageNameDescriptionHow to Get
AngerRemember the heat racing through your veins. Revenge starts with rage.Defeat the Corrupted Parade Master, go to Hotel Krat, then speak to Antonia.
BegThe Sweepers from the alleyways have their own strategies. Arrogant Bastards are especially fallible to their tricks.Give a Gold Coin Fruit to Red Fox (chapter 7).
Check GroundThere is a saying in the country of the morning across the sea that goes, “Even stone bridges should be tapped before crossing.”Obtained by default.
ClapClapping is a pure form of praise and an expression of joy. It may be because it resembles the sound of a happy heart.Pick up Portrait of a Boy (chapter 5) and return it to Geppetto.
EntreatGrief and tears had become daily life in Krat. The puppets gathered these tears and made them theirs.Defeat Laxasia the Complete (chapter 11) then talk to Sophia and choose “Give her peace”.
FearDo not reject fear. Those who know fear are able to deliver greater horror to their enemies.Talk to Venigni (chapter 3) in Venigni Works Control Room.
GreetKrat society is famous for its sophisticated customs, Naturally, this is reflected in courteous puppets as well.Defeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster, go to Hotel Krat and talk to Antonia.
HappyGreat hardship gives you a taste of simple happiness. Is there any need to obstruct explosive joy?Talk to Test Subject 826 (chapter 11).
PrayPrayers for god, mourning for the departed. Whatever they are, they’re not emotions ordinary puppets could feel.Read Cecile’s Written Confession after defeating the Archbishop boss.
RemembranceIn the face of loss, sometimes even a saint’s words cannot provide solace. Nevertheless, one must remain courteous.Find the Frozen Man’s Letter and read it (chapter 2).
RespectShow respect to the beauty of the heavens. The moment you dom its brilliance will be whole. After defeating the chapter 7 boss, return to chapter 7, and open the Saintess of Mercy Statue room.
SadThose who have felt loss do not need sadness. However, it can dull one’s pain.Complete Julian the Gentleman’s quest (chapter 6), return the ring, and select “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you”.
SitA throne made of gold, a beggar’s shabby mat. Their weight may differ, but they are both for sitting.Obtained by default.
Show Off ClothesIt is instinctive of life to want to show off beauty. To some, even simple gifts are sufficiently beautiful.Talk to Antonia in Hotel Krat.
Stalker’s PromiseThe reason one takes up one’s sword is to honor one’s vow to those whom one wishes to protect. No matter the banner one is fighting for, nothing changes this vow.Defeat the Survivor miniboss in the Workshop Union Culvert area.
SwaggerOne of the Ironbound rules of the alleyways: Never strut around if you don’t have a weapon on hand.Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco Boss, then speak to Venigni, select “Talk”, then select “About Pulcinella”.
TauntAn experienced provocation is a weapon of its own. Their victory begins by shattering their opponent’s equanimity.Defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss.

How to Use Gestures in Lies of P

In order to use one of the gestures you have collected, simply open the Menu -> Equipment and then check the Extra Bag. Afterward, switch to Gestures and use the one you want.

Lies of P Secret Gestures – Tips and Tricks for Using Them

Here is a list of some additional secret tips for using some of the Gestures across the in-game world, for a boost in stats or just cool interactions overall:

  • You can use Pray in front of the Angel Statue.
  • You can use Check Ground down from Hotel Krat (after obtaining a Jeweled Cryptic Vessel that points you to the location with an X marking the spot).
  • You can use the Gestures Sad, Clap, Anger, Happy at the Broken Puppet and you’ll receive a bunch of rewards.
  • You can use various Gestures in front of NPCs for additional interactions (i.e. use Clap in front of Venigni for additional dialogue).

Do you have any additional Lies of P tips for where (and when) to use some of the gestures? Share them down below and we’ll add them to our list!

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Lies of P Gestures Locations & How to Use