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Lies of P Amulets Guide – How to Pick the Best

Lies of P Amulets Guide – How to Pick the Best
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In Lies of P, P can equip special trinkets called amulets that provide passive boosts to his combat abilities. If you’re familiar with FromSoftware’s Souls games, they’re basically the equivalent of rings. There are a variety of amulets, but since you only equip a few at any given time, you’ll need to pick and choose the best ones that suit your play style. Here’s everything you need to know in our Lies of P amulets guide on how to pick the best ones.

Choosing the best amulets in Lies of P

With amulets that increase your max health, increase your fatal attack damage, or even reduce fall damage, there’s an amulet for just about any situation. Though, how do you decide on an amulet? It’s best to choose amulets that complement both your build and play style.

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For example, the Strength Amulet increases your Motivity by 4, which is essentially the strength attribute equivalent in this game. This would be a good pick if you’re using a weapon with good Motivity scaling, but you shouldn’t use it with weapons that scale better with Technique or Advance.

There are also some amulets that are just good overall, like the Blue Guardianship Amulet that increases HP, stamina, and Legion. These are universally great choices, so don’t hesitate to pick them if you have room to spare.

For reference, here’s a list of all the amulets in the game and what they do. Use it to plan out your build or think of new combinations.

Arm of God AmuletTemporarily increases physical damage upon a successful attackAlidoro/Hugo: Reborn Champion’s Ergo
Awakened God’s AmuletIncreases Fable Arts damage inflicted on a Staggered enemyAlidoro/Hugo: Fallen One’s Ergo
Assassin’s AmuletIncreases critical ATK.Arche Abbey Upper Part Internal Bridge chest
Black Cat’s AmuletReduces fall damage.St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Trinity Sanctum
Blue Guardianship AmuletIncreases max HP, stamina, and LegionBuy from Pulcinella, unlocks with 2 Venigni Collections
Carcass Butcher’s AmuletIncreases damage inflicted on CarcassesBuy from Pulcinella, unlocks with 1 Venigni Collection
Carrier’s AmuletIncreases weight limitDropped by the mini-boss puppet in Venigni Works Control Room caves. +1 version is found in the Krat Central Station Trinity Sanctum
Conquering AmuletUpon successful perfect guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by weapon attack (about 30%)Alidoro/Hugo: King’s Flame Ergo
Dancing One’s AmuletDodges do not cost staminaAlidoro/Hugo: Parade Leader’s Ergo
Extreme Modification AmuletIncreases weapon ATK in proportion to number of filled Fable slots (about 10-20%)Alidoro/Hugo: Broken Hero’s Ergo
Ghost Walk AmuletDodging through fury attacks now grants invincibility framesAlidoro/Hugo: Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
Hunter’s AmuletIncreases Ergo acquisition when killing enemiesDropped by the mini-boss jester puppet in Lorenzini Arcade. +1 version is by the Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Stargazer, new game+ only
Impregnable FortressUpon a successful guard, weapon durability is not consumedAlidoro/Hugo: Sad Zealot’s Ergo
Indomitable AmuletIncreases resistance of disruption / shock / breakBuy from wandering merchant at Lorenzini Arcade. +1 version is found in a chest by the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer, new game+ only
Iron Wall AmuletIncreases physical damage reduction rateDropped by soldier puppet mini-boss near the Relic of the Trismagestus Entrance Stargazer
Leaping AmuletIncreases max staminaDropped by large toy puppet mini-boss near the Barren Swamp Ravine Stargazer
Life AmuletIncreases max HPElysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer, inside a chest. +1 version is found by deciphering the Old Cryptic Vessel Decryption
Murderer Puppet’s AmuletIncreases damage against humans (approxDropped by the stinger carcass monster near the Krat Central Station Platform Stargazer
Nameless One’s AmuletChance to not use up a Pulse Cell charge when healing (about 15% chance)Aligoro/Hugo: Twisted Angel’s Ergo
Patience AmuletIncreases stamina recovery speedDropped by large carcass monster in Malum District
Piercing Hatred AmuletImmunity to all attribute status ailmentsAligoro/Hugo: Nameless Puppet’s Ergo
Puppet Destroyer’s AmuletIncreases damage against puppetsKrat City Hall chest
Recharged AmuletRestores HP continuouslyBarren Swamp Entrance Stargazer chest. +1 version is found near the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer, new game+ only
Red Fox’s AmuletMotivity and Technique +3Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer chest
Strength AmuletMotivity +4Dropped by police puppet mini-boss at Grand Exhibition. +1 version is in a chest by the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer, new game+ only. +2 is found in the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Trinity Sanctum, new game++ only
Swordsmanship Master’s AmuletReduces weapon durability consumptionOn a puppet body near the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer
Technique AmuletTechnique +4Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer chest. +1 version is near the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer, new game+ only. +2 version is near the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer, new game++ only
Transformation AmuletAdvance +4Buy from Pulcinella, unlocks with 2 Venigni Collections. +1 version is found in a chest near Moonlight Town Stargazer, new game+ only. +2 version is found in a chest near Collapsed Street Stargazer, new game++ only
Triumvirate AmuletAll Legion Arms’ ability tier +1Alidoro/Hugo: Burnt-White King’s Ergo
Veteran’s AmuletIncreases max LegionArche Abby Outer Wall Stargazer chest

How to get more amulet slots in Lies of P

P starts the game out with two amulet slots, which should be enough for the first half of the game, but you’ll soon find yourself having trouble deciding between two amulets.

Thankfully, Geppetto’s machine allows you to develop P using P-Organs, which holds powerful upgrades for P. Each phase contains four upgrade nodes, but they don’t activate until you’ve filled in both slots with Quartz, a rare and precious material.

The P-Organ grid has multiple nodes that increase the max number of amulets you can increase. If you want to have lots of options available to you, you’ll want to focus on getting the amulet upgrades first.

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Lies of P Amulets Guide – How to Pick the Best