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How to Get Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P | Best Locations to Farm

Learn all there is to know about how to get Hidden Moonstones and where to farm them in our Lies of P guide.

In Lies of P, the master weaponsmith Eugénie can reinforce your weapons to make them stronger, but you have to supply her with the necessary materials first. All normal weapons need an otherworldly material known as Hidden Moonstone for the first set of upgrades, and if you like to upgrade lots of different weapons, you need a lot of Hidden Moonstones. In our guide, we can show you how to get Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P and the best locations to farm them.

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Where to find Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P

Throughout your trials and tribulations in Lies of P, you may have noticed that a lot of common enemies can drop a variety of goodies, including Hidden Moonstones. Hidden Moonstones are very important, as they’re needed to upgrade normal weapons from +1 to +3. As you’re making your way through each chapter, it’s best to destroy every enemy in sight, so you can get as much loot as possible.

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You can also find Hidden Moonstones from fixed item spawns, so always explore as much as you can safely and keep an eye out for those blue item sparkles. Although these fixed spawns are obviously limited, they can help you early on in the game.

Best location to farm for Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P

Our favorite location to farm for Hidden Moonstones and other valuable items like Star Fragments is at the beginning of Venigni Works. To get there, first teleport to the Workshop Union Entrance.

The door in front of the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer leads into a small room with two blank puppets. Run in there and take them out; remember that electric blitz weapons work well on puppet-type enemies.

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Once you’re done in that room, head back out and go towards the closed entrance gate of Venigni Works. There’s an alleyway you can run down that contains two blank puppets and a large wheel puppet. Take them all out, and skip the large puppet if you don’t want to deal with him.

After you’ve killed all the puppets, simply return to the Stargazer and use it to respawn everything, then rinse and repeat for as long as you like.

How to buy Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P

Alternatively, you can eventually buy Hidden Moonstones from Polendina at Hotel Krat. Before you can do so, you need to give him a Krat Supply Box. The first one can be found in chapter 4 at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer.

Make your way forward until you reach the tall room with the large wooden wheels. At the very top of the room is a black gate, so go in to fight an armored monster mini-boss. As with the other mini-bosses in this game, this guy is pretty tough, so stay on your toes and use fire weapons and the Flamberge Legion Arm to take advantage of the monster’s weakness.

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Once you beat the mini-boss, a door on the right side of the room should automatically open, next to a ladder. After heading inside, you should see an elevator at the end of the hall, but don’t go in the elevator yet—go into the side room on the right to find a chest with the Krat Supply Box inside.

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Return to Polendina at your earliest convenience and give him the Krat Supply Box to expand his shop. He can now sell you Hidden Moonstones for 300 Ergo a pop, and he has an infinite stock of them!

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How to Get Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P | Best Locations to Farm