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Lies of P All Record Locations – Unlock Golden Melody Achievement

Our guide shows you where to find all the music records for the Golden Melody achievement in Lies of P.

Music always has the ability to heal one’s soul, so sometimes you just need to sit back and listen to some soothing melodies, especially in a game as hard as Lies of P. You can find records scattered throughout Krat, and they can be played on Hotel Krat’s gramophone. The records have some nice tunes on them, and finding them all is required for an achievement. We’ll show you all record locations and how to unlock the Golden Melody achievement in our Lies of P guide.

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Lies of P Golden Melody achievement – Where to find all records

There are a total of 16 records for you to find in Lies of P. An important note to keep in mind is that the first 10 records are available on your first run through the game, but the remaining 6 can only be found in new game+. This means you’ll need to finish the game at least once to find all records.

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Record #1 – “Feel”

Teleport to the Inside the House of Elysion Boulevard Stargazer and then head to the open area with the large police puppet. Climb the ladders up to the scaffolding above and talk to the silhouette in the lit-up window. The lady wants you to find her baby at city hall.

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Continue forward through the area, and before you enter city hall, turn to your right and you should see another large police puppet. Defeat it, then examine the area to find a puppet doll. Return to the lady, and lie to her by agreeing that the baby is adorable to complete the side quest and receive the “Feel” record.

Record #2 – “Divine Service”

Teleport to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library and talk to Cecile, who is standing nearby. Head further into the level and obtain the Archbishop’s holy mark from the office, which is near the elevator that takes you to the balcony where Alidoro is. Return to Cecile and give her the holy mark as soon as you get it.

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Now, progress as normal and defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus. After you defeat him, return to Cecile’s spot to find the record waiting for you. If you accidentally defeat Andreus before completing this request, you will be locked out of this side quest.

Record #3 – “Someday”

The third record can be purchased from the wandering merchant for 3,800 Ergo at the Red Lobsters Inn in the Malum District. You’ll need to give him any type of Ergo fragment before you can browse his wares.

Record #4 – “Fascination”

Before making your way to the Estella Opera House Entrance, purchase a Red Apple from Polendina at Hotel Krat after giving him the Krat Supply Box found in St. Frangelico Cathedral. In the Opera House’s main foyer, you should see two sets of staircases—follow the one with the blood stain trail to find Adelina.

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Talk to Adelina and give her the Red Apple. Continue through the area as normal and defeat the King of Puppets, then return to Adelina to find the fourth record.

Record #5 – “Quixotic”

After defeating Champion Victor at the Grand Exhibition, keep moving forward to run into Red Fox and Black Cat again. They’ll sell you the fifth record for some Gold Coins.

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Record #6 – “Why”

Near the Grand Exhibition Gallery Stargazer, when you’re going across the narrow catwalks, there is a side ladder that goes down to a platform where an NPC named Belle is. Talk to her as soon as you meet her, as this will get to move to Hotel Krat after defeating Champion Victor. If you don’t talk to her before defeating Champion Victor, she’ll wind up dead.

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As you progress through the main game, keep checking in on her until she has something to say to you. She’ll ask you to find her lost friend, so head to the alternate Krat Central Station. Find her friend inside one of the train cars, and talk to him. Return to Belle and lie to her, telling her that her friend died fighting to get the sixth record.

Record #7 – “Misty E’rA”

This one is part of the Cryptic Vessels side quest. The Rusty Cryptic Vessel points you to a cave by the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer, so teleport there. Look for the cave entrance by where you met Hugo, and defeat the enemy at the end of the cave to get the seventh record.

Record #8 – “Far East Princess”

At the Trismegistus Combat Field, you must defeat Alidoro to take his Cypher. Show the Cypher to Venigni back at Hotel Krat, then talk to Eugénie and lie to her saying that you thought he was just a talented Stalker.

Record #9 – “Memory of Beach”

After unlocking the Gold Coin Tree, Polendia will want to talk to you at some point about Antonia’s condition. Talk to Giangio about the cure, then talk to Polendia and tell him to cure Antonia. Progress through the story, and keep an eye on the chat icons on the teleport screen to see when you need to check in with Polendia or Antonia.

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After defeating Laxasia the Complete, return to the hotel and talk to Polendia to discover Antonia’s ultimate fate. Head up to Gepetto’s office to find the ninth record.

Record #10 – “Shadow Flower”

You might get this record naturally, depending on what ending you’re going for. After taking down Laxasia, talk to Sophia and choose to give her peace. This nets you the final record of your first play-through.

Record #11 – “Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1”

Just to remind you, records 11 through 16 can ONLY be obtained on new game+!

Purchase the eleventh record from the wandering merchant by the Cerasani Alley Stargazer for 6,000 Ergo. This is the same merchant that sold you the three starting weapons at the beginning of the game.

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Record #12 – “Quixotic (Golden)”

Purchase the twelfth record from the wandering merchant by the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer for 10,000 Ergo. This is the merchant who is standing by the elevator.

Record #13 – “Shadow Flower (Golden)”

Purchase the thirteenth record from the wandering merchant by the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer for 10,000 Ergo.

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Record #14 – “Memory of Beach (Golden)”

Purchase the fourteenth record from the wandering merchant by the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer for 10,000 Ergo.

Record #15 – “Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 2”

When you meet Alidoro, tell the truth and make him move to Hotel Krat. Talk to him about all topics, then progress and defeat Champion Victor. Return to the hotel, and talk to Eugénie. She’ll ask you to give a glove to Alidoro, so head to the Barren Swamp. Alidoro is on the main path, so you should have no trouble finding him. Give him the glove, and talk to him about all topics once more.

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Continue on with the game as normal until you get to the part where you have to take out the Rabbit Brotherhood. Before killing Alidoro, be sure to talk to him about all topics for the final time. Kill him once again to get his Cryptic Vessel.

Return to the hotel and talk to Venigni to decipher the vessel, then read it and examine it fully. Talk to Eugénie and tell her the truth about Alidoro being her older brother. Come back later and talk to Eugénie to complete this side quest and earn the fifteenth record.

Record #16 – “Fascination (Golden)”

Teleport to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer and head down the bottom path. Near a Trinity Door is a big puppet, so beat him up and continue forward to reach an elevator, which takes you to a mysterious NPC known as Subject 826. Talk to him and open the gate while you’re here.

Progress through the main story and defeat Laxasia, then teleport to the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer. Backtrack to where you fought the clown puppet, and you should see 826 standing on the bridge. Talk to him to get the final record of the game.

Now that you have all the records, all that’s left to do is to listen to them all. We’re not sure if you have to listen to each song from start to finish, but we did so just to be safe. Once you finish listening to them all, you’ll unlock the Golden Melody achievement. Nice work!

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Lies of P All Record Locations – Unlock Golden Melody Achievement