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Lies of P Quartz Guide | All Quartz Locations & Use

Lies of P Quartz Guide | All Quartz Locations & Use
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In Lies of P, in addition to leveling up and improving your main attributes, P can also take advantage of Geppetto’s machine to improve the P-Organ, which is essentially his core. The P-Organ hosts many of P’s latent abilities, but they must be powered with a rare material called Quartz. If you’re looking to improve the P-Organ as much as possible, our Lies of P Quartz guide can show you all Quartz locations and how to use them.

What is Quartz and how to use it in Lies of P

Quartz is a rare and limited material that is used exclusively to power the group nodes in the P-Organ tree. Before you can modify the P-Organ in any way, you have to rescue Geppetto and have him move to Hotel Krat, which happens fairly early on in the story.

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Go upstairs to the hotel’s second floor to find Geppetto’s office. There’s a glowing red chair near him, so sit in it to start tinkering with the P-Organ.

Here’s how it works: The P-Organ is made of different “phases”. Each phase contains four group nodes, and each node grants a permanent improvement to P, such as being able to hold more Pulse Cells, dodge more quickly, and so forth.

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In order to unlock a group node’s ability, you have to insert two Quartz into the node to power it up. Whenever you add a Quartz, you also get to choose a side ability that grants a small improvement to your attributes.

Every time a group node is fully activated, the P-Organ continues to grow. Once you have activated enough group nodes, the next phase is unlocked, giving you access to even more powerful abilities. Additionally, you’ll unlock even more phases as you progress through the game.

It’s important to keep in mind that Quartz is a limited resource, and there is not enough in the whole game to activate every single group in the P-Organ, at least until new game+. On your first run through the game, you’ll need to pick and choose which groups to activate carefully.

All Quartz locations in Lies of P

Here is where you can find all the Quartz in a single run of Lies of P. Note that a lot of them drop off of bosses and mini-bosses, so be prepared for a fight.

2 Quartz can be bought from Polendina after giving him 2/3 Krat Supply BoxesHotel Krat
Dropped by Parade Master bossCerasani Alley
Dropped by Scrapped Watchman bossKrat City Hall Courtyard
Inside the Trinity Sanctum safeWorkshop Union Culvert
Dropped by Puppet of the Future mini-boss, which appears in the corruption pit after you pull the lever in the pipesWorkshop Union Culvert
Dropped by the carcass monster enemy at the top of the wheel roomSt. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel
Complete the Crafted Cryptic Vessel side questInside the House on Elysion Boulevard
Chest by the burning effigyMalum District
Chest behind a counter at the Brotherhood hideoutMalum District Town Hall
At the end of the sewer pipesRosa Isabelle Street Culvert
Dropped by the Mad Clown Puppet mini-bossRosa Isabelle Street Culvert
Inside the Trinity Sanctum safe, in the basement Estella Opera House Entrance
Near the shortcut, take the ladder down to find the chestGrand Exhibition Gallery
2 Puppets of the Future mini-bosses roam the Barren Swamp, and both drop a QuartzBarren Swamp
Chest by the station car in the alternate worldKrat Central Station Platform
Dropped by Corrupted Parade Master bossCerasani Alley (Alternate)
Complete the Rusty Cryptic Vessel side quest, there are 2 Quartz in the caveHermit’s Cave
Dropped by the Black Rabbit BrotherhoodRelic of Trismegistus
Inside the Trinity Sanctum safe, near the top of the AbbeyArche Abbey Outer Wall
Dropped by large toy puppet enemyArche Abbey Broken Rift
Chest at the end of a narrow path with spike trapsArche Abbey Broken Rift
Complete the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel side quest, the Frozen Feast weapon is required from Champion Victor’s ErgoAbandoned Apartment
Take the stairs up to find the chestArche Abbey Upper Part – Inside
Dropped by Disruption monster enemyArche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge
Show the Clap, Sad, Anger, and Happy gestures to the Broken PuppetBarren Swamp

Those are all the Quartz we’ve found so far. Have we missed one? Let us know the details in the comments below. In the meantime, you can also learn everything there is to know about Amulets in Lies of P, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

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Lies of P Quartz Guide | All Quartz Locations & Use