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Lies of P All Costume Locations

Want to give P a fresh new look? Our Lies of P guide shows you where to find all the different costumes and accessories.

Since P is an automaton, he’s made up of springs, gears, and other gizmos. Throughout Lies of P, you can find different parts that can improve P’s defensive capabilities, but since all the parts are internal, his outward appearance doesn’t change. To make up for this, P can find some snazzy new outfits and accessories by exploring the city of Krat. If you’re looking to play dress up, our Lies of P all costume locations guide can help you find every outfit and accessory in the game.

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Every costume and accessory location in Lies of P

Many outfits and accessories in Lies of P are rewards for completing side quests, so if you’re just plowing through the main story, there is a good chance you’re going to miss a few. Be sure to talk to every NPC you meet and help them out with their troubles to get as many costumes as possible.

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Some of the outfits may come with a matching accessory. Accessories have their own slot, which means you can mix and match different outfits and accessories to your liking.

Someone’s Memory

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Talk to Antonia after arriving at Hotel Krat for the first time to receive this outfit.

Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel

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Dropped by Mad Donkey mini-boss at the alchemist bridge near Elysion Boulevard. Fighting Mad Donkey is a part of the main story as this is where you rescue Geppetto, so don’t worry about missing this one.

Survivor’s Hunting Apparel

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During chapter 3 at Venigni Works, near where you meet Red Fox and Black Cat for the first time, there’s a side room with a ladder that goes down. Inside that room is a lone survivor who attacks you on sight, so defeat him to receive this outfit.

Blue Blood’s Tailcoat

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This one is in a Trinity Sanctum, which means you need a Trinity Key from answering the phone riddles correctly. Once again from where you meet Red Fox and Black Cat at Venigni Works, go past them and straight down the hallway. At the end, there should be a large red pipe on your left, while the hallway continues to the right. Go to the right to find a Trinity Sanctum with this outfit inside.

Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel

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This one is in a Trinity Sanctum, which means you need a Trinity Key from answering the phone riddles correctly. At St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer, head down into the large vertical room. Make your way through it until you get to the ramp with the large electric boulders rolling down, and climb up the ladder on the right. This leads to a Trinity Sanctum with this outfit.

Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel

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In that same large vertical room at St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, after you drop the brazier into the oil, a descending staircase is revealed. Go inside and grab the Cipher, then show it to Venigni to get a clue photo. Teleport to Krat City Hall, then backtrack to the bridge and find the hanging puppet corpse with the “purge puppets” sign. Throw an item or use a ranged weapon at it to knock it down to get the Letter with Refuge’s address.

Teleport to the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard, then go out to the balcony. Cross the planks to find apartment 221b, then open the safe to get the outfit.

The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel

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At the end of Moonlight Town, right before the cable car, you’ll meet the Atoned NPC. Talk to her, and you can either lie to her about being a Stalker or do nothing. If you don’t tell her that you’re a Stalker, the Atoned realizes you’re a puppet, and she attacks you on sight; defeat her to get the mask accessory. If you choose to lie to her, you’ll have to come back later to fight her.

For the outfit, head to the Estella Opera House. In the room with the two ladders where you got the Notes from an Experiment book, climb up the top ladder to reach a chest with the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel.

Have Venigni decipher the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel, then head to Cerasani Alley. Backtrack to the area with where you’re on the cliff side by the ocean, then go to the dead end with the view that overlooks Hotel Krat. Use the Check Ground gesture to get the outfit. The exact spot is here:

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If you’re far enough in the main story where chapter 1 areas are no longer available, you’ll need to get to the same area through the chapter 9 version of Krat Central Station.

Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress

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Defeat Romeo, King of Puppets in chapter 6 and you’ll get this outfit as your reward.

Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel

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As you’re making your way through Krat Central Station in chapter 9, you’ll encounter the Robber Weasel mini-boss in the same area where you fought the big police puppet near the very beginning of the game. Defeat her to get her outfit.

Workshop Master’s Workwear

This one is in a Trinity Sanctum, which means you need a Trinity Key from answering the phone riddles correctly. From the Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer, head forward but don’t leave the station—turn to your left and you should see the Trinity Sanctum door. The outfit is inside.

Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel

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After grabbing the final Krat Supply Box from Collapsed Street, give it to Polendina and he’ll sell you the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Have Venigni decipher it, then return to Barren Swamp Bridge, and the cave gate should now be open.

Enter the Hermit’s Cave. This place is full of monsters and traps, so be careful. Fight your way through all the way to the end to find a safe with the outfit in it.

For the mask, you’ll need to make your way to the top of Arche Abbey Outer Wall to confront Black Cat himself. You can make peace with him by giving him a Gold Coin Fruit, or you can end things on a bloody note. Either way, the mask is yours.

Alchemist’s Cape

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After completing all of Arlecchino’s riddles, he’ll give you a Surprise Box. Use it from your inventory, and you’ll suddenly be decaying! Thankfully, it’s not all a joke—the final Trinity Key is inside the box.

From the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer, make your way up the Abbey. When you get to the vertical room with the puppets that shoot Disruption gas at you, the final Trinity Sanctum is at the bottom. You can finally meet Arlecchino for yourself, and either answer works for getting this outfit.

Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel

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In order to get this outfit, you need to get the Frozen Feast special weapon, which is created from Champion Victor’s Reborn Champion’s Ergo. If you made the amulet instead, you’ll have to wait until new game+ to get this outfit.

From the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer, head into the foggy labyrinth. Across from where the shortcut ladder is a red chest that contains the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. Take it to Venigni to get it deciphered.

Next, head to the Abandoned Apartment, then make your way through the area. When you get the chance, cross over to the other side by using the Ergo rock bridge, then go through a small underpass. Go up the stairs you see to find the wandering merchant. Equip the Frozen Feast, then talk to him to get the outfit.

For the mask, near the very end of Arche Abbey, right before you rescue Geppetto, you’ll run into Red Fox. Just like with Black Cat, you can give her a Gold Coin Fruit to end things peacefully or attack her. You’ll get her mask no matter what option you pick.

White Lady’s Hunting Apparel

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At the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance, you’ll find a curious stage set up. Approach it to start a fight with the White Lady mini-boss. Defeat her to get her mask accessory.

Much later in the game at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, you’ll find an NPC named Test Subject 826. Talk to him and he’ll thank you for taking out all the monsters. Defeat Laxasia, then go back to Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert. Keep going up the stairs and you’ll eventually run into Subject 826 on a bridge, where he sells the outfit.

Every deluxe edition costume

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You get three exclusive outfits if you buy the deluxe edition of Lies of P. From left to right in the picture above, they are:

  • The Great Venigni’s Coat & Glasses
  • Mask worn by those preparing for the festival
  • Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes & Parade Hat

Those are all costumes you can get in Lies of P. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to read our Lies of P Quartz guide to find the complete Quartz locations in the game.

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Lies of P All Costume Locations