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Lies of P Nameless Puppet Boss Guide – How to Beat Nameless Puppet

Here's how you can defeat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P.

The Nameless Puppet is an optional boss in Lies of P that you must fight to get the actual good ending of the game. But, unlike the other bosses, the Nameless Puppet is a lot more aggressive. It will remind Dark Souls players of the Nameless King, not because of his attacks or any such thing but because of the “Nameless” tag and the fact he is optional and one of the most challenging bosses in the game. 

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That being said, keep reading our guide as we will lay out the different attacks the boss uses in the two-phase battle while sharing tips on avoiding and countering them to defeat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

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Lies of P Nameless Puppet Boss Guide

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The Nameless Puppet in Lies of P holds some of the most hard-hitting moves in the game, befitting for the final optional boss. Like most late-game bosses, the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P has two phases. In the first phase, he performs basic swing attacks and combos that can go up to four to five hits. 

Thankfully, you can Guard and Perfect Guard every attack, though we recommend performing the latter one, especially if you are rolling a Dex build. 

First Phase

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That being said, these are the attacks you can expect the Nameless Puppet to perform during the first phase:

  • Swing: The boss performs a 360 swing attack by pulling behind his right arm and then swinging it around. 
    • How to avoid: You can Guard, Perfect Guard, or move away as soon as he pulls the sword back. 
  • Double Swing: In this move, the boss puts the sword in his right shoulder and charges a 180-degree swing attack in front of you. 
    • How to avoid: You can Guard, Perfect Guard, or move away as soon as he puts the sword on his shoulder. 
    • Counterattack: During this attack, we recommend going behind the boss and landing a few hits before his combo ends. 
  • Four Swing Delayed Combo: When the boss puts the sword in his left shoulder, he will perform this attack, which ends with two 360-degree slow swings. 
    • How to avoid: You can Guard, Perfect Guard, or move away as soon as he puts the sword on his shoulder. 
    • Counterattack: We recommend locking into the boss and running around the arena during this attack. When the boss is about to perform the last delayed swing, roll towards the boss to close the distance and land three hits (Dex weapons) or one charged hit (STR weapon).
  • Five-hit combo that becomes six: This is the fastest attack the boss will use in the first phase. He performs three back-to-back swings in front of him, jumps in the air, launches toward you, and performs the remaining two hits in the form of basic swings, which can sometimes be followed by a normal swing attack, making it a 6-hit combo. 
    • How to avoid: You can Guard, Perfect Guard, or move away as soon as he raises the sword backward on his right side. 
  • Three swings and one fury: In this attack, the boss performs three consecutive hits followed by a charged fury attack. 
    • How to avoid: You can Guard, Perfect Guard, or move away.

That summarizes all the unique attacks the Nameless Puppet performs in the first phase. 

Second Phase

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The second phase is the most challenging part of the entire battle. During our playthrough, we quickly got past the first phase and half of the second phase with our high Dex build. But, due to the consistent guard and aggressive combos, the boss pulls, we always ran out of heals and openings to attack. 

Here are the moves the boss performs during the second phase:

  • Dual Sword charged dash attack: Almost every time, the boss will begin the second phase with this attack, where he sets his dual swords and dashes at you, unleashing double swing attacks. 
    • How to avoid: Do not run as the boss; the distance on this attack is insane. Instead, use Perfect Guard or dodge the boss right when he reaches you within the set iframe. 
  • Sword extends: The boss points the sword towards you, which extends straight. 
    • How to avoid: Once again, avoid running, as the boss will have a lock on you. So either dodge right when the sword starts extending or Guard or Perfect Guard. 
  • Jump AoE attack: The boss jumps in the air and lands on you.
    • How to avoid: Dodge
    • Counter: You will get a two-second window for attacking. 
  • The dual sword swing: The boss will swing towards you in a Beyblade-style attack.
    • How to avoid: Side step, Guard, or Perfect Guard. 
  • Charge dash: Dashes towards you in a crouch animation. 
    • How to avoid: Run around or sidestep. 
  • Charge sword ground attack: Strikes the sword on the ground that forms a vein in a straight line, releasing an upthrust attack dealing massive damage. 
    • How to avoid: Run around or sidestep. 
  • The pizza slice attack: In a cone shape, veins appear on the ground, releasing an upthrust attack. 
    • How to avoid: Run around or dodge behind him. 

That sums up all the attacks the boss performs in his second phase. 

How to Beat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

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To beat the Nameless Puppet, we recommend using the Puppet String Legion Arm with all upgrades unlocked and throwables like Thermite, Shotput, and others. 

During the first phase, lock on the boss and run away from him in a straight line, doing so, most of the time, he will perform the delayed combo attacks, giving you enough opening to attack him. During this phase, do not use any throwables or Grindstone. 

While on that topic, we recommend using the Shock or Acid Grindstone. And, if you are using Cube, you can take any of the buffs you find missing or lacking in your build. We have a complete Lies of P list of status effects and how to cure them, if you want to learn more about them.

Back to the main topic, you can use our tips to avoid his attacks and reach the second phase. Now, before the boss performs the dual sword-charged dash attack, imbue your sword in Shock or Acid via the Grindstone and repair your weapon. 

Dodge or block the dash attack, and as soon as it ends, perform the charge attack of the Puppet String legion arm, which will launch you in the air and let you perform a dive attack, pseudo-staggering the boss for a few seconds. 

Land a few hits and then again perform the Puppet Strings charged attack. Keep doing it until the boss staggers. When that happens, land one to two hits on the side and then do the visceral attack. 

Now, get away and use the throwables while running around the arena, as by this time, your Legion Arm would have been depleted, which you can charge, but no need. Use the Shotput at the end, as it will stagger the enemy, leading to the final set of attacks. 

That concludes our guide on how to defeat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lies of P guides section

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Lies of P Nameless Puppet Boss Guide – How to Beat Nameless Puppet