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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed: Best Heroes (Figures)

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed: Best Heroes (Figures)

In today’s article we are going to check out all of the best heroes in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and tell you our picks for which ones we consider to be the best in the game!

Since there are quite a lot of them, I’ll divide them into two categories: Builders and Explorers. And so if you want to see what are the best ones, you can also check them by their corresponding category!

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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed – Best Builders


This is a great unit as he can be obtained from completing Achievements and he has a very strong Ultimate, as well as a generally good skills kit which enables for buffs, debuffs and damage all together.

He belongs to: Builder, Support, Castle, King’s Court, Magical.

Tiles found from: Achievements


– Basic: Magic Missile! (Deals 70% DMG to target, and if the target foe has 4+ buffs, has a 50% chance to clear 1 random buff from them)

– Special: Light of Might (Deals 100% DMG to target and has a 40% chance to inflict Clumsy)

– Gear 2: Healing Feeling (Select a target hero who gains Payback for 1 turn and heals 10% of their MAX HP)

– Gear 4: Wizard of the 8×8 Round (At the start of battle, Castle heroes’ Defense is increased by 10% and King’s Court heroes’ Speed is increased by 5%)

– Gear 6: Morphjisto (Deals 150% DMG to target, inflicts 2 stacks of DoT for 2 turns and inflicts Dizzy for 1 turn)

lego legacy heroes unboxed 4

Basil the Bat Lord

He is a great tank unit which helps allies and drains life from the enemies to help him sustain more. Basil is a great unit for the front line of battle especially if you don’t have a great Support unit just yet.

He belongs to: Builder, Tank, Castle, Frightknight, Spooky.

Tiles found from: Packs (pretty much depends on luck)


– Basic: Bat Scepter (Deals 80% DMG to target and heals himself for 10% of DMG dealt)

– Special: The Needs of the Many (Consumes 35% of his MAX HP and heals the other allies for 15% of his MAX HP. All active Castle heroes gain ATK Up for 1 turn)

– Gear 2: Maximum Bat Overload (Deals 40% DMG to all enemies and has 20% chance to heal for 10% of total damage dealt, gains Taunt for 2 turns)

– Gear 4: Steel Heart (Whenever Basil is defeated, heals all other heroes for 10% of their MAX HP and grants them DEF Up for 1 turn)

– Gear 6: Toot the Magic Dragon (Clears all buffs from all foes and heals all heroes for 30% of their MAX HP and grants them Payback for 1 turn and ATK Up for 1 turn)

Princess Storm

She is a great unit as she is both tanky and has damage. I mean, what else could you ask for of a good and cheap unit to obtain? She will do great in any team at any stage, especially if you gear her up a little.

She belongs to: Builder, Attacker, Castle.

Tiles found from: Shop (her tiles can be bought when Shop is refreshed), Packs.


– Basic: Vorpal Strike (Deals 90% DMG to target and Storm has a 30% chance to get 1 stack of Courage)

– Special: Cata-Brick! (Deals 50% DMG to all enemies and gains +10% bonus DMG for each stack of Courage on Storm, clears all stacks of Courage on her)

– Gear 2: Stalwart Defense (Gains Taunt for 2 turns and 1 stack of Courage. Has a 15% chance to gain DEF UP II for 2 turns)

– Gear 4: One Tough Lady (Whenever Storm has Taunt and is attacked and takes damage, she has a 50% chance to gain 1 stack of Courage)

Princess Verda

She is a great attacker (and yes, yet another princess) who avoids getting hit by enemies often due to the Stealth abilities, which make her a great asset to the team as she can stay alive for longer without much help. Oh, and she deals a lot of damage and is fairly easy to obtain!

She belongs to: Builder, Attacker, Castle, King’s Court

Tiles found from: Glyph Hunt, Packs, Daily free packs.


– Basic: Classy Crossbow (Deals 100% DMG to target foe)

– Special: Heavy Reign (Deals 50% DMG to all foes)

– Gear 2: Sneak (Gains Stealth for 2 turns)

– Gear 4: Surprise Attack (At the start of the turn, if Verda has Stealth, she heals 3% of her MAX HP)

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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed – Best Explorers

Chicken Suit Guy

He is a great hero which is available early on in the game, but if you work on him, he is going to be great for the late game as well (since he’s already got several upgrade from the earlier stages of the game).

He belongs to: Explorer, Attacker, Collectible, Costumed

Tiles found from: Piptown United, Packs, Daily free packs


– Basic: What the Peck (Deals 90% DMG to target foe)

– Special: Wings of Fury (Deals 50% DMG to all foes, and has a 40% chance to inflict Dizzy on target)

– Gear 2: Drumstick Kick (Deals 110% DMG to target foe, and has a 40% chance to gain ATK Up I for 1 turn)

– Gear 4: Spring Chicken (While he has any buffs on him, his SPD is increased by 5%)

– Gear 6: Chicken Tender Eyes (Deals 100% DMG and has a 50% chance to inflict Clumsy on each enemy)

Pirate Princess Argenta

She has a great basic attack which basically gives you a chance for 2 heroes attacking instead of 1, and Argenta has some pretty powerful skills which overall deal quite a lot of damage to enemies (single target and AoE).

She belongs to: Explorer, Attacker, Pirate, Buccaneer

Tiles found from: Glyph Hunt, Piptown United, Packs, Daily Free Packs


– Basic: Rallying Strike (Deals 100% DMG to an enemy and has a 20% chance for a hero to assist for 30% damage. If that hero is a Pirate, the damage is doubled)

– Special: Take No Prisoners (Deals 75% DMG to target foe and +5% bonus DMG for each debuff on the target. Deals 20% DMG to all other enemies)

– Gear 2: Meet Your Matchlock (Deals 100% DMG to enemy target and inflict 1 stack of DoT for 2 turns)

– Gear 4: Loyalty to the Captain (At the start of combat, her skill is increased by 3% for each Pirate on the team)

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Admiral Nonsuch

This is a great supporter who has a great synergy with Argenta and many others, so it’s by all means a good figure to add to your team and enhance because not only he can make enemies useless (pretty much), but also has great damage.

He belongs to: Explorer, Support, Pirate, Imperial, Justice

Tiles found from: Packs (if you’re very lucky)


– Basic: Gentleman Duelist (Deals 80% DMG to enemy, adds 10% damage bonus for each buff on the target)

– Special: Ship Shape (Deals 110% DMG to target and clears 1 debuff from himself)

– Gear 2: Nowhere to Run (Deals 25% DMG to all enemies, adds +15% Bonus DMG to foes who have Stealth)

– Gear 4: Bluecoat Admiral (10% chance to gain Debuff Immunity for 1 turn at the end of turn)

– Gear 6: Boarding Party (Admiral Nonsuch heals 80% of his MAX HP and inflicts Buff Immunity on all enemies for 2 turns)

These would be our picks for the best heroes in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed! There are just a lot of heroes and it’s not easy to decide on just a few, but these are all of my picks! What are some of your favorite heroes? Leave your picks down in the comments section below and don’t forget to take a look at our game guide where we share with you all of the tips and tricks we’ve gathered!

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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed: Best Heroes (Figures)


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