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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Guide: Tips to Win All Fights and Collect More Heroes

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Guide: Tips to Win All Fights and Collect More Heroes

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed tips and cheats to help you pass more stages and collect a lot of fun and powerful LEGO heroes from all kinds of backgrounds!

This game is super fun and if you’ve listened to all of the interactions and storyline, then you probably enjoyed it as much as I did. If not, then you should definitely pay more attention to it because it is exciting – but maybe I am just so excited about the game because I love LEGOs anyway!

Either way, you came here to learn all the LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed tips and tricks, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them right here below and teach you everything that you need to know about the game!

Fight in the Campaign Mode on Fast Forward

Whenever you’re battling in the Campaign Mode you should consider speeding things up quite a bit, to make the whole battle take less time, so you can use that time to battle more (I hope that’s not too confusing)!

Because the fights will not take a lot of time either way (if you cast the right skills at the right time but we’ll cover this more in detail below) you should always try to activate “3x” from the bottom left corner of the screen. That will speed up the battle by 3 times, and it’s something you should do always.

Advance in Campaign battles

Try to battle in the Campaign stages as much as you can, and advance as much as you can with your current team formation because the drops are very useful and you get a chance to obtain Gems for completing the stages.

When you’ve collected enough, you can try to summon more heroes to join your team. Also, let’s not forget that there is a chance for you to get tiles for heroes from the stage battles, so it’s good to play them a lot. From the first stage you will obtain Princess Argenta Tiles, which you can use to summon her if you’ve also claimed the mission rewards.

lego legacy heroes unboxed 1

Pay attention to the enemies

You should always check out all the enemies that you fight against by tapping and holding on them. This will help you because then you can read their stats and decide which one is the best to kill first.

I suggest that you always take down the enemy with the most power which poses the most danger to your team, then focus on the other enemies. I consider this to be the best way to deal with the strongest enemies, or you can try to take down all the “smaller” enemies (the ones with least HP and quite decent damage) and leave just a stronger one for last which you can taunt with your tank and keep aggro.

Either one of those options will be good, so just decide what the best approach is for each situation depending on what team members you have.

Put together the dream team

You should add to your team the best heroes you have all the time. Read their skills and level them up as much as you can because that will make them stronger. There are a few things each team should have in order to succeed in any situation:

A tank: this will taunt the enemies into attacking him and that’s going to make it a lot better for the rest of the heroes in your team as they won’t have to worry about mitigating or “surviving” any damage.

A healer: this is another super important part of any team. With a good healer you can survive every type of damage, so no matter how many times you get hit, you can heal that back in a matter of turns.

Good DPS: The good damage dealers will have a big role in the team. There are two which you must have on each team, at least – a good AoE damage dealer to deal wit multiple enemies at the same time and a good single target damage dealer to deal with stronger enemies / bosses.

Optional: Crowd Control: This is totally up to you but sometimes a good Crowd Control hero can also work wonders. Either way, try to focus on the other three: have 1 good Healer, 1 good Tank and the rest DPS will be a good team.

lego legacy heroes unboxed 2

Enhance your heroes

There are a few things you can do in order to boost your heroes:

Level up the heroes: You can level up heroes by using XP scrolls, which you can obtain from battles, daily tasks, achievements and training challenges. These will boost your hero by quite a bit, so try to level up your strongest and most used heroes first.

Gear up the heroes: You should also gear up your heroes, starting with the strongest ones first. Each figure has their own Gear which you can see when you open the hero window.

Because some of the heroes have abilities that are gear-locked, these will be unlocked when you have collected and equipped a hero with enough Gear. That’s important if you want o max out a hero, so pay attention to what abilities they will unlock and how useful they are for you. Focus on the ones with the most useful ones first.

Level up the heroes’ abilities: By using the Ability Elixirs you can level up heroes’ abilities. Just like the XP Scrolls, these can be obtained from many ways inside the game – just make sure that you spend them for the right heroes!

Log in daily and claim useful rewards for free

It is super important that you log in and claim all these useful rewards on a daily basis because they will help you slowly build up a very powerful team able to take on any challenge.

When you don’t really have a lot of time to play, you should only log in to claim these and use them at a later time when you can actually play. Every little reward and loot item you can get you should get it!

lego legacy heroes unboxed 3

Get more heroes / figures

There are several ways that you can obtain more heroes, and I will mention here below all of them, so that it will be easier for you to get more. Well, first of all you should play the Campaigns so that you can get more Gems and the heroes specific to the Campaigns locations.

Campaigns: There are some heroes specific to every region, and you should try to obtain these by farming the said regions. That can be done if you spend your Energy to farm in Campaign. It is random, but eventually you will claim enough.

Obtain from Quests: When doing quests you can also get some tiles for certain heroes, so try to pay attention to these as well as it’s another free and relatively easy way to get more heroes.

Complete Achievements: From the achievements you can obtain hero tiles for Majisto as well as tons of other useful rewards.

Daily Login Rewards: Every day for simply logging in to the game you can claim rewards. They differ from month to month, so try to keep an eye on them and simply log in to claim the rewards. For example, for February you can claim tiles for Hedley the Headsman!

Check out the Shop: In the Shop you can buy packs for heroes, in the Bags and Supplies tab. There you can spend your Gems to buy loot bags for certain heroes:

Goodie Bag: this can be claimed for free every single day, and it will contain 1 Hero tile, 1 Gear Tile (at least) and at leats 250 Coins. Make sure you open this every day when the timer lets you!

Premium Bag: this costs 400 Gems and it contains 10-200 Hero Tiles, 1-3 Gear and 25k-150k Coins. It’s worth it if you are not looking for any hero in particular.

Builder’s Bag: this bag costs 525 Gems and it contains Builders (see the “i” button then select “See More Details” below). It contains only specific heroes, so if this is what you are looking for, then it’s definitely better worth it than the Premium Bag.

Explorer’s Bag: this bag is just like the Builder’s Bag and it has the same price, except the heroes in here are Explorers not Builders. So they are also specific heroes.

General Shop tab: In here you can see some limited time offers of hero tiles and many more. You should check these out every day and remember when they refresh for free (don’t waste your Gems to refresh yourself as a f2p player because it’s not worth it) so that you can come back and see the refreshed options! Always buy the hero tiles you need from this if you have the currency!

lego legacy heroes unboxed 5

These would be all of our LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you have some more useful game tips and suggestions? Feel free to share them with us by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Guide: Tips to Win All Fights and Collect More Heroes


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