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Legends of Runeterra: The Best Common Cards

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If you are curious about learning what are some of the best Common Cards in Legends of Runeterra, then you came to the right place. There are several cards which are very good to have on a deck, and that is exactly what we will cover.

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Because our guide will cover some of the common cards, which are the most numerous in the game, there will be some cards which I will miss mentioning – that doesn’t make them bad, it’s just that I am not going to go through each and every one of them here. I will instead post only some of the best ones which can make a difference on their own.

So if you have some different picks about some best cards in the game, then make sure that you share them with us down in the comments below, because we are curious to learn what’s your favorite ones!

But enough with the introductions – you came here to see our picks for the best Common Cards in Legends of Runeterra, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

Omen Hawk

legends of runeterra best common cards 12

Region: Freljord

Effect: “When I am summoned, grant the top 2 allies in your deck +1/+1.”

This is a good card overall because it has a 1 Mana cost, so it can be summoned from the very beginning and it will boost two upcoming allies.


legends of runeterra best common cards 10

Region: Ionia

Effect: “Stop a fast spell, slow spell, or skill.”

This card is a must have in your Ionia deck, because it is a cheap spell which can cancel an enemy’s spell, so it can pretty much ruin their plans altogether. I suggest adding not just one, but more of them to your deck because they will save lives!


legends of runeterra best common cards 9

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Kill a unit.”

Every time you use cards which can fit in some Shadow Isles cards, this is a good pick. This card can kill any unit, no matter if it is Elusive, or anything. It is a good card to play when you are against an opponent which has some super strong cards and you want to destroy all of his hopes by denying their best card.

Absorb Soul

legends of runeterra best common cards 8

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Drain 4 from an allied unit.”

This card is very useful because it will heal your Nexus by 4, even if the card has 1 HP when draining. It’s good to have in case of emergency, because that extra 4 HP can save lives.

The Ruination

legends of runeterra best common cards 7

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Kill ALL units.”

This can be a very fun card to surprise your enemy with, because it will destroy both your and your opponent’s played cards. That, along with several other Shadow Isles cards can really make for a fun build.

She Who Wanders

legends of runeterra best common cards 13

Region: Freljord

Effect: “Play: Obliterate ALL followers with 4 or less Power in play and in hands.”

With this card in play, you will pretty much destroy all of the enemy’s units unless they have some strong ones (and the Mana to play them). This card costs 10 Mana to play, but f you get to playing it and already have a few good units summoned, then you’ve won the game.

The Undying

legends of runeterra best common cards 6

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Last Breath: Revive me at start of round and grant me +1|+1 for each time I’ve died.”

This is a card which you will never get rid of once you summoned it. It’s fun to have a few of them, who keep dying again over and over and end up 9/9 or 10/10 and obliterate the enemy’s cards.


legends of runeterra best common cards 5

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Kill an ally to deal damage equal to its Power to anything.”

This card can destroy the enemy’s Nexus in a matter of seconds if played correctly. To get the most out of this card you should either play with alongside Commander Ledros and use it on him (because he has 8 ATK) and together with his skill, you will finish the game as fast as saying “Noxus”.

Commander Ledros

legends of runeterra best common cards 5

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Play: Cut the enemy Nexus Health in half. Last Breath: Return me to hand.”

This is one of my all time favorite cards in the game. This one will destroy the opponent’s Nexus very quickly if you get to 8 Mana to summon it, and the enemy doesn’t have Deny. That is, because his skill can be cast again and again due to the card’s “Last Breath” which will keep returning the card to hand when it’s taken down, thus you can keep re-casting the skill again and again.

Warmother’s Call

legends of runeterra best common cards 4

Region: Freljord

Effect: “Summon the top unit from our deck now and EACH Start of Round.”

This card costs 12 Mana, but it is an “investment” if you want to call it that. It’s a card which will keep on summoning new units every new round, for free. This card can be played in round 9th soonest, with you having 3 Spell Mana stored up.

Avarosan Hearthguard

legends of runeterra best common cards 3

Region: Freljord

Effect: “When I’m summoned, grant allies in your deck +1|+1.”

This is a good card to summon early on, as it has a relatively low cost (5 – not too low, not too high) and its stats are pretty good. It also boost all the allies, so that makes this card definitely worth having.


legends of runeterra best common cards 2

Region: Demacia

Effect: “An ally Captures a unit.”

This card is good because it will use one of your units to capture an enemy unit, which will deem it un-usable by the opponent. That is, until your capturing card dies. Either way, it is good

The Harrowing

legends of runeterra best common cards 1

Region: Shadow Isles

Effect: “Revive the 6 highest Power units that died this game and grant them Ephemeral.”

This is a card which you should play when attacking. It’s a good card to play when you are on 0 units summoned and enemy has no defenses prepared, while your strongest cards are dead. This can really deal a heavy blow tot he opponent’s Nexus.

These would be my picks for the best Common cards in Legends of Runeterra! What are some of your picks for the best cards? I am well aware that this is but a fraction of all the cards in the game, but exactly because there are so many I have reduced it to just a few which I never go without!

Are you curious to see what are our picks for the best Champions in Legends of Runeterra? Make sure you take a look at our Best Champions in LoR list right here! Or maybe you want to learn how to build your deck? Either that, or our game guide should come in handy at any time!

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Legends of Runeterra: The Best Common Cards

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