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Legends of Runeterra: Best Champion Cards in the Game

Legends of Runeterra: Best Champion Cards in the Game

In the game there are 24 Champion cards at the moment – they each carry their own unique skill and if you want to build a deck with one or more of them, then you will want to know which are some of the best Champions in the game!

And that is exactly what I am going to tell you today – I will give you the list of the best Champion cards in Legends of Runeterra, based on their skill and types of decks that you can build around them.

So let’s not waste another second and dive into the Legends of Runeterra best Champions in the game and the decks that you can work around them!


legends of runeterra best campions 8

Area: Piltover & Zaun

Build: The build for the Teemo card will rely mainly on planting Poison Puffcaps in the enemy’s deck, which will result in them dealing damage to their Nexus whenever they draw a card with mushrooms on it.

It’s one of the strongest and most fun decks that you can play, as it can really tilt your opponent easily and take them by surprise. There are plenty of builds for Teemo, but you can try to build a deck with Ezreal and Teemo, as well as plenty of spells.



legends of runeterra best campions 7

Area: Shadow Isles & Noxus

Build: Elise card is one which will obviously rely on spiderlings, spiders, and everything that has to do with arachnids. The main logic behind a good deck featuring Elise is that “there is power in numbers”.

You will overwhelm the opponents with tons of spiders, which will slowly get empowered one by one by other spider follower cards, and by Elise herself once evolved. Because there are some of the best units that have a good synergy with Elise in both Noxus and Shadow Isles, it’s best to use these two regions for making a good deck.



legends of runeterra best campions 6

Area: Demacia & Ionia

Build: If you want a deck which will win you games one after another, then this is definitely one of the top ones that you can play. Because of Fiora’s leveled up card effect, you will have a sure winning condition as long as you manage to play it right. If you don’t know what Fiora’s effects are, then let me explain: to level up Fiora, you need to kill 2 enemies.

And a leveled up Fiora’s effects are: “When I’ve killed 4 enemies and survived, you win the game.” – doesn’t sound like much, but if you think about all the 1 HP cards that you can kill with her, then it’s clearly becoming a pain for enemies to win against you (because of the Challenger effect she has which lets you choose who blocks her attacks).

The Fiora deck which I like the most will rely on using Shen and Fiora, as well as Ki Barrier spells (which give Barrier) which will upgrade Shen and help make Fiora survive for a veeery long time.



legends of runeterra best campions 5

Area: Shadow Isles

Build: This is another super fun deck to play, which relies on making a lot of interesting decisions – from using Kalista’s Black Spears, to using various other spells which damage your allies, you might think that you’re on the way to defeat, when in fact it’s all planned.

The deck relies on killing your own units quite a lot, and having them revive empowered (The Undying card) as well as The Ruination, which is one of the best spells in game because it kills all units (both yours and the enemy’s).

Along with Kalista’s card skill, that will make it for some pretty powerful undying units which will slowly but surely kill all enemies in sight.



legends of runeterra best campions 4

Area: Freljord, Piltover & Zaun

Build: Ashe’s deck is one which will be pretty annoying for the enemies to play against, as it will disable most of their high damage attackers and probably kill the rest of the units quicker than you can say “poro”.

This deck build which I have chosen to go with the card is one which uses both Ezreal and Ashe to maximize Ashe’s potential to the fullest. Because her attacks inflict Frostbite on enemy (which sets their ATK to 0 for the round) you will be able to play with spells such as Flash Freeze, Shatter and Brittle Steel and then send out the Rimefang Wolf to destroy them.

It’s a fun deck which has a ton of synergy using both Piltover & Zaun spells and Freljord spells – so definitely give it a try!



legends of runeterra best campions 3

Area: Ionia & Noxus

Build: If you’ve played Yasuo in League of Legends, then you know him and his signature “hasagi” – I’m sure of it! Well, whether you expected it or not, that’s exactly what you can do in Legends of Runeterra as well! Knock enemies up and tornado and slash and tear them pretty much!

The Yasuo deck build I have here is one which is heavily control focused (most of the cards either Stun or Recall enemy cards) and will drive the opponent nuts while playing against it – pretty much like playing against a good Yasuo, there is no escape!

To have a good synergy for this, you will have to play Yasuo relatively quick so that he can destroy many cards from the opponent’s hand. I really suggest that you give it a tryif you have the Yasuo card or can craft it, because with a little bit of practice it will probably win you every single game.



legends of runeterra best campions 2

Area: Freljord & Shadow Isles

Build: This deck will is a pretty fun yet not so easy to play. It has both Anivia and Tryndamere Champion cards and they will work well together in slowly getting you to the end game and basically destroying the enemy with Warmother’s Call.

To get the most out of this build, you will use Wyrding Stones as well as Avarosan Hearthguard and Avarosan Sentry to deflect attacks, and empower Trynda and Anivia (and She Whoo Wanders will take over). The synergy of the deck is a really great one, but to fully have the complete undestroyable setup, you will need to use Warmother’s call which costs 12 Mana.

That can be in round 9, if you have successfully stored up 3 Spell Mana and get 9 Mana in round 9. With that card you will have a sure way to success, especially if you play Tryndamere too on the side. Just give it a few tries in the training mode and you’ll see!


These would be my picks for the best Champions in Legends of Runeterra! Do you have some more deck suggestions for some of your favorite champions? Make sure to share them down in the comments section below so everyone can read them and check them out!

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Legends of Runeterra: Best Champion Cards in the Game


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