Leaver Penalty Removed for Apex Legends Mobile: More Info


Apex Legends Mobile is a popular multiplayer shooter that you can play on mobile devices. There you will be able to participate in battle royal matches and the game receives a huge amount of new updates. It seems that there is a hype around one of these changes and it removes the leaver penalty. So, in this article, we are going to talk about this update in Apex Legends Mobile.

Leaver Penalty in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is a multiplayer game and if you want to play it you will have to cooperate with other players. The game allows you to find random players on the Internet and play with them. However, they may want to leave the game if it goes the bad way for your team.

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In order to keep users playing the game even if the situation in the current match goes bad, multiplayer games have a so-called leaver penalty. It is some sort of punishment that the player who left a match before its end receives. However, it seems that the developers of Apex Legends Mobile decided to remove it.

Leaver Penalty Removed for Apex Legends Mobile

The developers made a post on the official Apex Legends Mobile Twitter account and it tells players about some changes. It seems that they decided to remove the leaver penalty for non-ranked matches. So, those who leave such a match won’t receive any penalty.

The main reason to remove this penalty is the fact that non-ranked matches are designed for those who want to have some fun and don’t play the game seriously. So, if you want to participate in some competitive matches you should play the ranked mode.

Apex Legends Mobile is an interesting game that is actively developing. So, we will try to keep you informed about all these updates. Good luck in your further matches in Apex Legends Mobile!

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Leaver Penalty Removed for Apex Legends Mobile: More Info


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