Does Apex Legends Mobile Have a Lot of Cheaters? – Answered


Apex Legends Mobile is an incredibly addictive Battle Royale for 60 different players. A distinctive feature of this game from other similar ones is the feature of vertical movement and different characters with unique abilities. And in this guide, we will tell you if there are many Cheaters in the game.

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have a Lot of Cheaters?

Cheaters are a big problem that appeared in the original Apex Legends. Even though the game had a very strict anti-cheat system, many players complained about Cheaters. Then the developers began to use the reports they received by email or social networks to ban dishonest players manually. However, this also did not help to completely solve the problem.

And of course, with the release of the game for mobile devices, Cheaters also moved to Apex Legends Mobile. After the release of the game, some players immediately soared in the rankings using various cheats and hacks. You must have highlighted the video where the player uses wallhacks and aimbots to do impossible things. Such a player can destroy all opponents, no matter what class they play. Even the mobile enemies couldn’t escape.

Other cheats allow you to predict the location of enemies, which greatly spoils the gameplay for other players. And even though the mobile version also has an anti-cheat system, Cheaters quickly bypassed it. Therefore, unfortunately, you can often meet Cheaters in high-ranking matches.

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It will definitely ruin your gaming experience. We recommend that you complain about such players using the social networks of the developers, or their email. We hope that in the future, developers will be able to solve the problem with Cheaters. And perhaps over time, Apex Legends Mobile will become a game where only the player’s skills will matter. While you are here, take a look at our guide on how does Apex Legends Mobile new perk system work.

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Does Apex Legends Mobile Have a Lot of Cheaters? – Answered


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