Lazy Master Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Party

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Prepare your forces and join the fantasy world of Lazy Master, a new turn-based RPG from LINE Corporation! Mixing both idle game and RPG mechanics, Lazy Master is the ultimate game to play on the go. Your heroes will continue to fight even when you are not around, so you can collect the rewards when you are ready to play!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Lazy Master tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of battle and how to setup your party for success. We will also talk about the different methods of upgrading your team, so let’s get started with our Lazy Master cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build the best party!

Party Composition and You

You can bring up to a total of six heroes with you into battle. Two heroes go in the frontline, and four heroes go in the backline. Heroes in the frontline are more likely to be targeted, so make sure the heroes in the front can take some punishment.

With that said, unless you are going for a specific strategy, you should always try to build a balanced team composition. Considering that there are four hero classes, this gives you enough room to have all classes plus room for two extra heroes.

Hero Classes

There are a total of four classes in Lazy Master. Each class excels at one aspect of combat and is usually lacking in other areas.

The Tanker (shield icon) class is your frontline hero who charges into battle. These heroes pack a lot of HP and armor, letting them take a lot of hits before they go down. Having two Tankers in your frontline is almost a necessity in most cases!

The Focus Dealer (sword icon) class excels at single-target damage. They are able to deal high amounts of burst damage to a single enemy, which makes them suited for picking off individual opponents. They have decent armor and HP which can help them withstand a few blows.

The AoE Dealer (swirl icon) class focuses on whittling down the entire enemy team with strong area of effect attacks. Their attacks do not deal as much damage as Focus Dealers, but they do hit all enemies on the field.

The Supporter (medic icon) class focuses on powering up the party. They may not deal much damage on their own, but they can buff other heroes and heal them to restore their wounds. Supporters are the backbone of any party.

When building your party, two Tankers and one Supporter should be the minimum. For the remaining three slots, fill them in with damage dealers, like two AoE Dealers and one Focus Dealer.

You can of course experiment with party composition, as there is never truly a “one-size-fits-all” situation when it comes to what heroes to use. Try out everything!

Hero Types

Every hero and enemy in the game has an elemental type that influences their elemental affinity attacks. When a target attacks another target with a disadvantageous element, they will deal increased damage and their chance to hit is increased.

Fire beats wind, wind beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire. Before you head into a level, you can check the enemy formation to see what types of enemies you will be going up against. Use this knowledge to your advantage and plan accordingly.

In addition to the four basic elements, there are also light and dark type units. Light and dark beat each other out, and these units are generally stronger than the four basic unit types.

Change up your Adventure Plan

When you are not playing the game, your adventurers are going on expeditions and collecting loot in preparation of your return. You can collect the spoils at any time by tapping on the treasure chest at the bottom of the screen.

The longer you wait to collect, the more loot you will receive. The most basic rewards you will get from expeditions are gold, experience points, and lesser orbs. You may have a chance of getting other rewards, but this is determined by your “adventure plan”.

If you tap on the adventure plan button, you can change it so that you are more likely to find items you want. There are four plans to choose from, and we will detail them here.

The Upgrade Rewards plan focuses on upgrade materials. You get double the amount of lesser orbs, and you also receive double greater orbs. If you need more orbs to level up heroes, choose this plan.

The Battle Gear Rewards plan focuses on equipment that you can give to your heroes. You will get double the amount of gear that you would usually get. If you are looking to outfit your heroes, choose this plan.

The Magic Item Rewards plan focuses on magic items. You will receive double “Normal Magic Item Pieces” and “Advanced Magic Item Pieces”. When you collect enough pieces, you can combine them into magic item.

The Hero Piece Rewards plan focuses on acquiring new heroes. You will receive double 4-star and 5-star hero pieces from this plan. Hero pieces are relatively rare, but if you want a chance at getting rare heroes this is the plan for you.

It is wise to change up your plan according to whatever you are currently working on at the moment!

Tackling the Hidden Isles

The Hidden Isles are unlocked once you reach a certain level. The Hidden Isles are a group of floating islands that have randomly generated monsters on them. If you can beat them, you can find all sorts of good rewards.

The rewards range from valuable stuff like hero pieces and creature spirits to common stuff like gold. Every island requires a certain amount of tickets to enter; the islands with the higher ticket entry fees tend to have the better rewards.

You are also guaranteed treasure coupons that you can use at the Hidden Isles Treasure Exchanger. Every island you conquer is left destroyed, but the islands will refresh themselves after a few hours have passed.

You can exchange your treasure coupons for extremely powerful and rare heroes, but some of them can cost up to a whopping 3,000 (!) treasure coupons, which means you are going to farming them for a while.

The Hidden Isles is a good long-term objective to start working on early, so get to it. You can get more entry tickets by completing other objectives like leveling up.

Power Through the Adventure Mode

Your first objective to prioritize is to get through as much of the Adventure mode as you can. The Adventure mode is the campaign story mode of the game, and it serves as an introductory course to the game’s advanced mechanics.

You get a lot of free stuff for clearing Adventure levels, and your expedition rewards grow as well. It is also a good source of experience, and player leveling is something you want to get done as fast as possible.

The reason being is that many of the game’s advanced dungeons and battles are locked behind level walls, so you need to be the appropriate level before you can tackle them.

Not only that, but you unlock battle skipping at player level 12. With this feature, you can just outright skip an entire battle, so you do not have to sit around and watch the battle unfold. It will help you get through the rest of the game very fast!

Complete the Hero’s Path

As soon as you start your adventure, the game will point out the hero’s path to you, which is basically a list of achievements that are designed to tour you around the game and its various modes.

Each step of the hero’s path requires you to do one new thing that you have not done before, and each step is worth a bunch of helpful rewards. Completing the hero’s path should be constantly worked on, so do not forget about it.

Explore the Different Modes

Once you unlock the ability to skip battles, you can freely explore the other modes at a brisk pace. As you level up through the main adventure mode, you will unlock various different modes that offer additional challenges.

Each of these challenges focuses on hard battles, like the Sanctuary and Mage’s Tower, so make sure you are prepared for a fight. They all have their own unique rewards though, so they are worth doing, and with the skipping ability you can try them quickly.

You are going to need lots of resources and rewards from these modes, so make sure to check everything out!

That’s all for Lazy Master! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Lazy Master Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Party

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