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Langrisser Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Play Better

Langrisser Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Play Better
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Langrisser is an amazing RPG game for mobile, one that we’ve been playing like crazy since its launch. And today is the big day when we share our complete strategy guide for the game, as a list of Langrisser cheats and tips to help you play the game better.

From learning how to play Langrisser, to building a solid squad and knowing about all the in-game mechanics and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. So, no matter if you’re just starting or an experienced player already, you will surely find something useful in our guide.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our Langrisser tips and tricks below!

Save your tickets for 10 Summoms
If you manage to hold onto your Trinity Vouchers until you have 10 on hand, that’s perfect because if you summon 10x you get a guaranteed SR hero. Since this is what you should be aiming for – SRs and SSRs, this is the only way to deal with summoning when Trinity Vouchers are involved.

This is a lot easier done when you just start the game: in the first two days of playing, you should be able to summon 10x with all the vouchers you receive as rewards from log-ins and other welcome events. Afterwards, it’s a bit more difficult to do it as a free to play player, but still the only route you should follow.

Build a balanced team
There’s no need to specialize a ton here: with minor exceptions when you meet a single, specific type of enemy during a battle, you will most likely get a mixed bunch of enemies who can be defeated only if you have a balanced team.

My recommendation is to use the best ones you have first, and if you have some options, then definitely go for this team setup: 2 Healers, 1 Tank, 1 Ranged and 1 DPS. Now, depending on what heroes you have, you can go with a bit of variety here: if you don’t have the best healers recommended in my article about the best heroes in the game, one should be enough – replace it with either a Cavalry unit or a Ranged unit.

But balance is key! Make sure that you have all your areas covered when building your team, because not having a class advantage over a specific type of enemy could mean an early, miserable loss.

Upgrade your hero’s soldiers
There are a lot of things that you can do to boost your heroes and we’ll talk about those later, but I wanted to talk about the soldiers in particular.

Each hero has a bunch of soldiers that fight alongside them and these soldiers themselves can be upgraded, as well as trained. This is something that you should constantly do in order to improve your heroes’ power and know that leveling up your heroes and choosing a class will influence the type of heroes they will have in battle. So always look at the options before making a decision!

How to get more Heroes
This is something that everybody wants, mainly how to get more rare heroes in the game. Unfortunately, with no real reason to go for rerolls and a lot of grinding involved to get Trinity Vouchers which guarantee heroes, progress won’t be that fast.

But you will have some progress nevertheless as long as you are active. Your main source of heroes will be summoning them with 10x Trinity Vouchers in order to get the guaranteed SR. So never do a single summon no matter what!

You can also get tickets with premium currency, which will be rewarded for completing missions, doing well in the Arena and taking part in various events in the game. Make sure you check out all the options that you have available, grab those free crystals, turn them into Trinity Vouchers and get your 10x summons. Rinse and repeat.

Tune up your main heroes
Until you manage to get your first 10x Hero Summon in Langrisser, I wouldn’t worry too much about the heroes and improving them. Most likely, you’ll be running with the defaults ones and maybe have 1-2 extra options of R characters from Friendship summons.

But after you get your first 10x summons, you will have at least one SR character to work with (hopefully more or one SSR too!), when you should start prioritizing a little bit. Start by leveling up and equipping your best gear to the rarer, better heroes. Look at our tier list to decide which are the best characters to focus on and bring them to battle, making them better than the rest.

Remember that long term, the R characters are pretty much worthless. You might end up with a few R heroes in your team if you manage to star them up and you’re extremely unlucky with your hero summons, but apart from that it’s safe to say that you will only work with a team of SRs and SSRs.

When it comes to tuning up your heroes, you have the basic option to level them up (simply stock up on XP potions and then unload them into your newly unlocked rare heroes to make them better), class them up and choose soldiers that fit their role (so archers for ranged heroes!).

Complete the daily missions
If you want to level up faster in Langrisser (and you definitely want to do that early on in order to unlock all the content), then you should focus on completing the daily missions each day. They reward you not only with a lot of goodies, but also with Player XP, which gets up you the levels fast.

Make it a habit to always start by doing the daily missions and, if there’s time and stamina left afterwards, do whatever you want to in the game.

Join a guild ASAP
Guilds in Langrisser are a pretty strange feature right now. You not only have to be level 30 to unlock this feature, but you also need to pay a dollar to create a guild.

And once inside one, the bonuses are not as amazing as they are in most other RPG games for mobile, but they’re worth the trouble. Especially if you can connect with your guild mates and be online at the same time, in order to team up for the various game modes (like the Gym training) and complete them faster, using up less stamina.

Most likely new and better features will be added to the guild system in Langrisser, so definitely join one when you have a chance, but make sure its members are from your timezone and pretty active.

How to win your battles easily
Having all the things above in mind helps a lot when it comes to playing Langrisser Mobile, but it all ends up on how well you are able to perform on the battlefield, as that’s where all the planets have to align flawlessly. Here are some tips and tricks to do better in each battle:

– Take terrain into account: you might not be aware of that, but there are some areas in the game that give your troops some boosts (like forests), while others give boosts to the enemy players. The info is in the upper right corner of the screen, so make sure you consider that when deciding your next move.

– Take enemy movement into account as well. Ideally, tap the “Danger” icon in the bottom left corner of your screen to see which troops can reach your heroes (or at least where they are allowed to move). Sometimes, you have to play a strategic, waiting game, and slowly get closer in order for you to get the first attack with the stronger unit.

– Which takes us to another important thing: take the strengths and weaknesses into account. Try to always attack troops that are weak against your class and try to keep away from those who are strong against your own.

– Easily beat some missions with teleporters: this is easily done when you have treasure hunt missions or a mission that requires you to beat a specific target. Simply stat-boost the earth out of your flying unit, then teleport that unit with a hero that has this option, then quickly take out the unit (or the treasure). Easy wins and a reason why teleporters are such good heroes!

– Use your hero skills at the right time. Although it’s usually a good idea to use them as soon as possible in order to get a recharge, sometimes you must wait a little bit to use the skill when they really make a difference.

– Look for combos or boosts. These can happen in certain situations, like when two specific heroes are close by or when you are using specific skills. Such combos will greatly influence the damage done by your heroes, so make sure you are aware of them depending on your team’s setup and try to activate them as often as possible.

Speed Up the Battles
This is a nifty trick that will save you a lot of time: you can actually skip all the battle animations in the game by simply turning them off from the Settings. This way, you will no longer waste time looking at the soldiers attacking each other, and the entire game experience will be a lot smoother.

In order to turn off the animations, simply tap your character’s portrait in the top left corner, hit “Settings” and then scroll down to the battle setup. Turn the animations off and enjoy a much faster gameplay!

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Langrisser players. If we’ve missed something let us know by sharing your comments in the comment section below.

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