Langrisser Reroll Guide: How to Do It (and Is It Worth It?)


Langrisser has just been released on mobile and we’re planning to share a bunch of guides with you to help you get the most out of the game. But before anything else, we have to talk about rerolling in Langrisser and seeing how to do it, as well as find out if it’s really worth the trouble.

So if you’re wondering how to reroll in Langrisser mobile, you’re at the right place – although the answer itself won’t be a really nice one.

Rerolling in gacha games like Langrisser basically means to take advantage of free summons offered by the game and, by restarting the game from scratch, keep summoning heroes until you are satisfied with the results – usually meaning until you get the best hero in the game.

However, in some games rerolling is nearly impossible or not really worth doing and unfortunately Langrisser is such a game. As you will see in my rerolling guide below, the process is complicated, time consuming and very frustrating.

Plus, the developers themselves seem to be against this rerolling technique and you might end up getting your account banned. So it’s not really worth it in my opinion.

But if you believe otherwise – or you’re at least curious about how this works, here’s how to reroll in Langrisser:

1. First off, when starting the game, you should log in as a guest. Binding your account makes it impossible for you to reroll.

If you already did that and you decided to bind your account to Facebook, there’s a workaround for this by creating a new Facebook account. However, it’s not worth the trouble in my opinion – as the entire rerolling process, actually.

2. After starting the game, play through the missions until you reach the second chapter, when the summoning part of the game is unlocked. Remember that you have no control over the heroes you get until then – your first two summons will always be the same.

3. Once you get to the point where you can use tickets to summon new characters, it’s time to focus on that. Simply check the events and daily missions and events and collect all rewards. You will end up with something like 4 Trinity Vouchers and 4 Friendship Vouchers:

Simply use them all (you can’t get to 10 Trinity Vouchers without spending money at this point) and hope for the best. If you are not satisfied with the heroes you have received, it’s time to reroll.

4. In order to reroll, uninstall the game, reinstall it, start as a guest and do all the steps above again. Rinse and repeat until you have heroes that you are happy with.

Is it worth it to reroll in Langrisser?

I would say that it’s not worth it. You will waste too much time doing this, which the developers don’t encourage in any way and chances that you will get a SSR character are very slim.

But if you just keep your tickets and Premium Currency instead of doing all the things above and play the game daily for a few more days, you will have 10 Trinity Vouchers, which can be used for a 10x summon. At this point, you are guaranteed a SR character, with increased chances for a SSR.

Therefore, I think that this is the best approach when it comes to summoning heroes and rerolling in Langrisser for mobile. In the end, these games are made to be enjoyed as they are and trying to cheat the system is sometimes really not worth it.

Note: If you want more control over the class of your main hero, which is decided after answering the questions when starting the game, rerolling might be a better option here, but it’s a lot easier – simply select “NO” when asked if you are happy with the results and you’ll get the chance to answer the questions again.

If you don’t want to blind-guess everything, we have published a handy guide to the answers for the goddess to decide your class.

This would be our Langrisser reroll guide, with the mention (once again) that I don’t think it’s worth doing. There’s way too much grinding involved and getting a SSR hero comes with very, very little chances… so it’s better to simply enjoy the game instead of wasting your time trying to get that specific hero that you might never get.

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Langrisser Reroll Guide: How to Do It (and Is It Worth It?)


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