A tier list in a gacha game like Konosuba: Fantastic Days allows new players to learn about some of the best characters offered in the game. With the help of that, during the initial stages, players can plan whether they want to re-roll in Konosuba: Fantastic Days or not. It also helps the players in managing their resources, etc.

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Konosuba: Fantastic Days tier lists are something that depends on the person making the list. It depends on their experience with the game and the different characters. And, if it is a new game, it depends on the person’s research and observation.

With that being said, Konosuba: Fantastic Days offers a myriad of playable characters that players can get in the game via gacha pulls or for free(starter characters). In the wake of that, we have prepared Konosuba: Fantastic Days tier list based on the community’s preference whilst keeping the beta version feedbacks in mind.

Konosuba: Fantastic Days Tier List

Here are the best characters in Konosuba: Fantastic Days.

S Tier Characters

  • Erika (Dancing Adventurer)
  • Iris (Royal Holiday)
  • Megumin (Explosive)
  • Melissa (Treasure Hunter)
  • Chris (High-Flying Thief)

A Tier Characters

  • Cielo (Dancing Adventurer)
  • Arue (Best Bod)
  • Amy (Soother of Spirits)

B Tier Characters

  • Aqua (Nature’s Beauty)
  • Dust (Delinquent Adventurer)
  • Kazuma (Shut In No More)
  • Yunyun (Megumin’s Friend)

C Tier Characters

  • Mitsurugi (The Chosen One)
  • Rin (Certified Wizard)
  • Wiz (Ice Witch)

D Tier Characters

  • Mia (Mischievous Beastman)
  • Lia (Dancing Adventurer)
  • Darkness (Total Ecstacy)
  • Cecily (Big Sister)

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Konosuba: Fantastic Days is an RPG game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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