Rerolling in Konosuba: Fantastic Days or any other gacha game has become a tradition for many free-to-play players and for a few low-spenders. In almost every gacha game, after the prologue, players get free premium currency to perform their initial gacha pulls, the same happens in Konosuba: Fantastic Days.

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Using the obtained premium currency, players perform gacha rolls. And, if they don’t get their desired character, they perform a re-roll. This process is time taking, but, is still repeated till the players get their desired characters.

With that being said, we have prepared a handy guide on how to perform Reroll in Konosuba: Fantastic Days on different platforms.

How to Reroll in Konosuba: Fantastic Days

Depending on the state of your device and the platform, you can perform rerolls in Konosuba: Fantastic Days till you get your desired characters.

Rerolling in Konosuba: Fantastic Days on iOS and Android

  • Download Konosuba: Fantastic Days.
  • Skip the story and tutorial part.
  • Get the free premium currency.
  • Do the first 10-pull.
  • Enter name and retrieve items from present box.
  • Do another 10-pull and use the 4 star ticket.
  • If you get the desired character, you can continue.
    • If not, then uninstall the game and download once again to reroll.

Rerolling in Konosuba: Fantastic Days on Rooted Android Device

The best part about re-rolling in Konosuba: Fantastic Days installed on a rooted android device is that you don’t have to download and re-install the game again and again. If you don’t get your desired character, just follow the below steps and you can easily reroll.

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  • Install a root file manager.
  • Open the Root File Manager and go to:  
    • Open Android file – Data and Obb.
    • Rename the file ” ” by adding 7 behind it.
    • Delete the game’s data.
    • Rename the file back to it’s original name.
  • Repeat the process till you get your desired character.

Konosuba: Fantastic Days is an RPG game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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