Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer is a four-star mage-type character in Konosuba: Fantastic Days who can apply debuffs on enemies, do high Crit damage, and much more. Similar to Amy: The Happy Maid Experience, she is a wind element user and a mage. Apart from that, they are completely opposite. Amy: The Happy Maid Experience has more Magic ATK and DEF than Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer, but her skills cooldown is very high comparatively.

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In the case of Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer, her Magic ATK and DEF are lower than Amy, but her skill cooldown is very low, allowing players to use spam Rin’s skills.

With that being said, let us check out how players can get Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer in Konosuba: Fantastic Days.

How to Get Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer

Players can get Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer from Konosuba: Fantastic Days character summons, which players can do via the recruitment section of the game.

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At current, Konosuba: Fantastic Days offers around four to five banners (gacha sections), namely the Summer banner, Release Celebrations banner, Element Specific banner, Premium banner, and Other section.

Each banner has a rate up for certain characters. And, there are some special limited-time banners too. So make sure, you have enough Quartz to get Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer in Konosuba: Fantastic Days.

Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer Basic Stats

Here are the basic stats of Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer Off.

  • Rarity – ☆☆☆☆
  • Element – Wind
  • Role – Attacker (Magical)
  • Weapon – Staff

Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer Attributes

Here are the attributes of Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer at LVL 60.

  • Health – 1764
  • Physical ATK – 246
  • Physical DEF – 172
  • Dexterity – 73
  • Agility – 69
  • Magic Attack – 297
  • Magic Defense – 206
  • Luck – 73

Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer Skills

Here are the different skills that Rin: Orthodox Sorcerer possesses.

  • Wind Cutter+
    • Element: Wind
    • Charge Time: 15 seconds
    • Effect: 137% Wind Elemental Magic Damage and Medium Magic Defense Down to 1 enemy (12 seconds).
  • Cyclone+
    • Element: Wind
    • Charge Time: 16 seconds
    • Effect: 112% Wind Elemental Magic Damage and Small Physical Attacks down to all enemies (10 seconds).

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  • Wind Shot
    • Element: Wind
    • Effect: 100% Wind Elemental Magic Damage to 1 enemy.
  • Wind Elemental Attack Power Up
    • Wind Elemental Attack Power Up by 5%.
    • After limit break 5.
    • Wind Elemental Attack Power Up by 7%.

Konosuba: Fantastic Days is an RPG game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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