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Knighthood: Best Heroes for PvP (Versus Arena)

Knighthood: Best Heroes for PvP (Versus Arena)

We have already shared with you a Knighthood tier list, but we were telling you there that some heroes are better suited in specific situations. Therefore, we decided to also share with you this list of the best heroes for PvP / Versus Arena in Knighthood.

The truth is that some heroes that might be useful in PvE fights (like the ones dealing damage to back row enemies, for example) are not as useful in the Arena.

Also, Knighthood’s PvP doesn’t really care about how many turns you need to take out your enemy: as long as you can do it, you’re the winner. This means that heroes (or minions) that can heal are much more useful here than anywhere else.

With all these in mind, I am sharing below the list of the best heroes for Knightood Versus Arena (with more tips and tricks about PvP to follow afterwards).

Knighhood: Best heroes for PvP


Knighthood PvP Tristan

Amazing hero that not only restores health and armor, but also removes negative effects (all with the basic attack special!) His gauntlet special also has a chance of casting Regenerate, making him one of the best heroes for PvP battles in Knighthood


Knighthood PvP Rosalin

She’s a common hero, extremely easy to rank up and she can prove very useful for a long time. She is a full healer with damage dealing capabilities, which makes her a perfect choice for the Arena.


Knighthood PvP Titania

A full healer with positive potential buffs. If you’re running a team with just one healer, it’s either her or Tristan.


Knighthood PvP Nijuro

One of the best overall heroes, good for both PvP and PvE. Heals and disables buffs: very useful to have around!


Knighthood PvP Logan

Another of my favorites, thanks to his regular attack special, which deals damage (a lot!) and restores health/armor. You can use him to deal even more damage with the Gauntlet special, although I recommend keeping that for a healer if needed.


Knighthood PvP Balendu

Another great hero for all situations, but more difficult to rank up due to his rarity. Restoring health and armor, potential for regeneration and strong vs burn (good to be paired up with some special minions or Keera, for example)


Knighthood PvP Anaara

A good healer with your regular attacks. She can cast Protect, while the Gauntlet special deals damage to all enemies. Good overall player.


Knighthood PvP Balberith

A rare hero, easy to rank. Only his Gauntlet attack heals, so not as good – but at least he has good effects (Burn and Focus) to make up for this.


Knighthood PvP Keera

If you’re looking for a damage dealer, she’s a good one to choose. Her randomness makes her less useful in campaign battles, but now she will usually deal a ton of damage to the main hero, which is very useful.


Knighthood PvP Lance

Another of the more offense-oriented heroes for PvP in Knighthood. I wouldn’t really use him as a main, but if I have him, I’d keep the Gauntlet’s Special ready just in case and use his main for extra damage.


Knighthood PvP Pentatonix

A decent healer, but with a less than impressive Gauntlet special (at least for PvP). He’s still better than others, if you don’t have options

Additional Knighthood Versus Arena Tips

Now that you have a list of the best heroes for PvP in Knighthood, you might be wondering why am I recommending healing ones instead of those dealing massive damage ASAP, especially when you also have the option to bring minions into battle (and they can heal too).

Based on the fights that I’ve been through – both won and lost – I realized that there’s one big problem with minions: they’ll die sooner rather than later. Your heroes are always safe, so you know that you have their effects available for as long as you are alive and kicking.

Therefore, I decided to always go into arena battles with a set of mininons like this: one that has a ton of health (like the Hog) and one that deals a ton of damage. Two tanks are a good idea as well: keep the opponent busy hitting your minions, while you take them out easily, one by one.

Also, I found out that in PvP battles where you’re facing equally strong enemies (or weaker ones), you don’t always need to go with two full-healers in order to win. Get a damage dealer instead or one that has the Gauntlett Special with healing and keep it ready just in case.

But if the enemy is stronger or has two healers, you’re better off with two of them, in my opinion. The battles might be longer, but it won’t matter since you will be the winner.

With these in mind – both the Arena tips and the list of the best Heroes for PvP / Versus Arena in Knighthood, you’re now ready to wreak havoc in the arena and climb up the ranks easily! But if you need even more help, don’t hesitate to check our game guide to get started on the right foot!

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Knighthood: Best Heroes for PvP (Versus Arena)


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