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There are 11 Gauntlets that you can unlock in Knighthood, all of them really difficult to unlock. In today’s article, we’re sharing a complete guide to Gauntlets in the game, as well as our rankings for the best gauntlet in Knighthood.

Before even starting, it’s worth mentioning that at least for the first week (maybe more), you will be forced to use the default Gauntlet – which is the Knight’s Gauntlet.

Knighthood Gauntlet Skill Tree
Your starting gauntlet

So don’t hoard up those upgrade stones and invest them in your starting one, since you will need all the extra help to remain competitive!

But eventually, you might want to focus on another Gauntlet, especially since some of them might prove to be a bit better and more useful. The truth is that if you look at their descriptions, you will see that they’re not extremely different.

What to know about the Knighthood Gauntlets

Each Gauntlet has a skill tree that you can only unlock in a linear path. Right now, the differences between gauntlets are minimal, but they do add up in the end, especially at higher levels.

But generally, here is how a skill tree of each gauntlet looks like at the moment:

  1. Rage Bonus – Fill rage by a certain amount when something happens (special attack, getting hit by enemy etc)
  2. Health Bonus – increase your main character’s bonus by a certain amount.
  3. Punch Boost – all punches do more damage (a specific % increase)
  4. Weapon Boost – specific type of weapon does more damage (Axe, Hammer, Sword etc)
  5. Critical Bonus – increases critical chance by a certain amount.
  6. Hero class Boost 1 – The normal Power of a hero from that class charges up faster.
  7. Hero class Boost 2 – The normal Power of heroes from that class deal more damage.
  8. Hero type Boost – The Rage Power of heroes from that class deals more damage.
  9. Punch Boost – Punches have a certain amount of chance to give a buff or debuff.
  10. Finisher Bonus – Finishing punches have a certain amount of chance to inflict a negative status effect.

Now, since all Gauntlets follow the same upgrade path, but offering different boosts and bonuses to different classes, you should choose your best Gauntlet based on the best heroes in Knighthood – but even more importantly, the best heroes that you own.

The other extremely important element to look at is the rage fill meter. You want to make sure that you can fill up the rage meter as fast as possible, and it’s a lot easier with some Gauntlets than others.

What’s the best Gauntlet in Knighthood?

Knighthood best gauntlets

Based on what we learned right now, it’s time to look at all the Gauntlets and decide which is the best one to use in an ideal setting (where you have a lot of heroes to choose from).

Note that I’m not including the starting one – the Knight’s Gauntlet – in the list simply because there are definitely better ones available. Still, you will use the basic one for a long time.

But once you have options, here are my favorites:

1. Maverick Gauntlet

Knighthood Maverick Gauntlet

This is extremely useful since it helps Mages fill up their normal powers faster, making it easier for you to activate them. The rage meter also increased 10% when you land a critical hit (which happens often). Finally, you get boosts to Warriors, Mavericks and Swords. Great one!

This Gauntlet is really difficult to unlock, though: you need 50,000 punches landed in the game in order to get it, which requires tons of grinding. Focus on fighting enemies with healers (in Hunts or the Monster Cave) in order to land as many punches as possible.

2. Rebel Gauntlet

Knighthood Rebel Gauntlet

I think that any Gauntlet that boosts the fill meter of Mages is great, and that’s exactly what this one will do (eventually). It also gets bonus rage meter fills whenever your character gains a positive effect.

Apart from mages, it boosts damage done by Alchemists and Rebels, with a damage boost to Axes.

This is relatively easy to unlock too, as you need to defeat 100 Monster cave bosses to unlock it. It’s not as good as my first recommendation, but you’ll get it sooner and that might be all you need.

3. Holy Gauntlet

Knighthood Holy Gauntlet

My gameplay is heavily oriented on healers, as I already stated in my recommended list of best heroes for PvP in Knighthood. If you play a similar game, then this Gauntlet is a no brainer, as you will fill the Rage meter very fast (when getting healed).

You also get nice class and character bonuses to Alchemists (speed), as well as Warriors and Holy heroes. The boosted weapon is Sword. However, if you don’t use healers a lot, it’s not that useful.

Also, it doesn’t give you a boost to Mages (which would’ve been ideal, since they are the best healers) – but if it did, it would’ve been OP.

In order to unlock the Holy Gauntlet, you need to win 250 roaming battles, which you probably know by now that it’s not easy, nor fast.


If you could rush your way to the Maverick Gauntlet, you wouldn’t need anything else, to be honest. The Rebel Gauntlet will probably be the one that you’ll unlock second, though (or focus on that) and use it for a long time after your starting one.

Now, don’t hesitate to check out our general tips for Knighthood – and if you have a different favorite gauntlet in the game, let us know by sharing your comments below.


  1. For the Holy Gauntlet, do you know if the Warrior Boost would boost Nijuro’s base power that heals? Or does the Warrior Boost only improve damage dealing base powers?


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