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Kitaria Fables: How to Get to the Forest Sanctuary

Kitaria Fables: How to Get to Forest Sanctuary

To get ahead in Kitaria Fables, players have to complete certain tasks, craft items, and slay some enemies. The map is dotted with locations to visit and get some tasks done.

Forest Plantation, Forest Sanctuary, and the nearby areas are usually farmed for crafting items. However, to tick off one of the quests, players have to go into the Sanctuary, defeat some mobs, and get some clay.

How to Get to Forest Sanctuary in Kitaria Fables

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The Forest Sanctuary is located near the Forest Plantation. Usually, players farm for useful items like sunstone, iron stone, and several more items in the Forest Plantation before moving on to the Forest Sanctuary.

To complete one of the quests, you will be asked to get 10x clay. This clay can only be found in the Forest Sanctuary.

Getting into the Sanctuary is not a difficult task; finding clay is the hard part. To get clay, you will have defeat the Forest Golems.

The Forest Golems are somewhat difficult to beat as they pack a powerful punch. The Golems are neutral creatures. This means they will attack you only when you mess with them.

After they are defeated, the Golems drop the clay.

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Kitaria Fables: How to Get to the Forest Sanctuary


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