Clay is one of the resources you will need in Kitaria Fables. During your playthrough, you can get a quest that asks you to get x10 clay. The game points you towards the Forest Sanctuary, but it doesn’t tell you how to obtain this item. We’ve got you covered with our guide, which will tell you all about how to get Clay in Kitaria Fables.

How to Get Clay in Kitaria Fables

Clay in Kitaria Fables is a difficult item to get. You can’t just buy it or find it somewhere. Clay is a drop item from specific and strong mobs. In the Forest Sanctuary, you will find formidable creatures named Forest Golems. Clay does drop from them with a 100% chance, but golems are very difficult opponents to defeat, especially for a new player. So, let’s look at the basic fighting strategy against Forest Golems.

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Forest Golems are neutral creatures, meaning they will attack you only when you try to fight someone in the Forest Sanctuary. The first thing any golem will try to do is to help its friends by rushing to their aid and healing all nearby allies. You need to land one clean attack on the golem and it will switch into attack mode. After that, it will try to come closer and deal a punch with its hand.

Forest Golems are tough opponents. You will need to be patient in order to defeat one. Try to use the bow, and dodge its swing attacks. After a difficult fight, you should be able to kill this golem and get the clay.

There are a few Forest Golems within the area of Forest Sanctuary, so you can farm a lot of Clay there. Just be careful and patient. Good luck in the battle.

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Kitaria Fables: How to Get Clay


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