Ingots in Kitaria Fables are one of the most valuable resources. They are needed to upgrade your farming tools, create and upgrade different armors and weapons, and craft keys. But obtaining ingots may be quite complicated, as you will need to get some resources from the game’s world to craft them. This guide will tell you how to get ingots and the resources you will need for that in Kitaria Fables.

How to Get Ingots in Kitaria Fables

Ingots in Kitaria Fables are obtainable only via crafting. So, you will need different resources. The first ingredient is ore. You will be able to obtain different ores in the game’s world via mining stones with ore. Also, you can buy it from Pumpkin the Traveling Merchant, but it is very expensive and maybe not worthy enough to waste Paw Pennies. The last ones are the second thing you need to craft ingots. You can get a lot of pennies by playing the game, as they serve as in-game currency.

So, after you know about the main resources you will need to craft ingots you have to find an NPC who will craft them for you. The one you need is a blacksmith. Currently, there are two of them present in the game. The first one is Shamrock from Paw Village, and the second one is Rufus from Rivero Fortress. Just find one of them and they will offer you an opportunity to craft different items. Here is the list of all available ingots and the amount of resources you will need to craft them:

  • Copper Ingot – x5 Copper Ore, x100 Paw Pennies
  • Silver Ingot – x5 Silver Ore, x100 Paw Pennies
  • Gold Ingot – x5 Gold Ore, x100 Paw Pennies

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Kitaria Fables: How to Get Ingots


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