Karenina Ember is one of the best characters in Punishing Gray Raven. She can deal massive physical and pyro damage and is considered one of the best choices while using the S Rank selector. Her abilities and their damage can almost exponentially grow based on the number of pings. There’s a lot more to Karenina Ember that you should know about. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a wiki guide with Karenina Ember’s abilities, builds, and more.

Karenina Ember’s Abilities in Punishing Gray Raven

Here are the abilities that Karenina possesses.

Basic Attack

Karenina’s basic attack is called Pressure Unleashed. It launches consecutive attacks at the target, dealing with Physical DMG. With the enhanced version basic attacks deal fire DMG.

Core Passive

Karenina’s basic attack is called Thermal Armament. With the help of this ability, once in combat, Karenina gains an additional 3% of Thermal Energy per skill level. Thermal Energy can be gained by performing 3-pings and signature moves. It becomes enhanced after the thermal energy reaches 50%. It gains additional effects and fire damage bonus from signal orb skills and basic attacks. When enhanced, loses 5% of Thermal Energy per second.

Signature Move

Karenina’s basic attack is called Scar of the Earth. It consumes 100 energy. Shoots a laser at the ground by fire DMG and leaves a path of fire for 5 seconds after finishing the move. All enemies in the path take fire DMG.

Orb Skills

Here are the different orb skills for Karenina.

Red Orb: Lightblade Strike

Attacks the target ahead with crossfire shooting, dealing Physical DMG according to the number of Pings. Gains super armor when performing. Enhanced: Deals Fire DMG based on the number of Pings.

Blue Orb: Wingman Support

Calls for a flying laser cannon and deals Physical DMG based on the number of Pings. The cannon deals Physical DMG based on the number of Pings. When cannons of different levels are available, attacks with one of the highest level. Enhanced: Deals Fire DMG based on the number of Pings.

Yellow Orb: Covering Barrage

Leaps forward and hammers the target with a cannon. While casting, total damage taken is reduced by 30%. Deals Physical DMG to nearby targets based on the number of Pings. Enhanced: Deals Fire DMG to nearby targets based on the number of Pings.

Karenina Ember Builds

Here are some preferred partners, memory and weapon for Karenina.

  • Phantom Pain Cage
    • Kamui Tenebrion (Tank)
    • Bianca Zero (Attacker)
    • Liv Luminance (Support)
    • Liv Lux (Support)
  • War Zone
    • Lucia Dawn
    • Liv Luminance (Support)
    • Liv Lux (Support)
  • Weapon – Fusion Dragon
  • Memory – Shakespeare and Darwin

Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced Action-RPG currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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