Bravely Default II

Square Enix is one of the Japanese publishers that has been supporting the Nintendo Switch the most, developing some original titles like Octopath Traveler which are not available on any other console. During this year’s The Game Awards show, the publisher confirmed yet another Switch exclusive JRPG, Bravely Default II.

Bravely Default II is actually the third entry in the series, with Bravely Second being the direct sequel to the original game. The new game, which is being produced by Team Asano (Bravely Default / Octopath Traveler) and developed by Claytechworks (Bravely Default). The soundtrack is being composed by Revo, the man behind the beautiful soundtrack of the first game.

Despite being called Bravely Default II, it seems like the game won’t share any story connection with the previous entries, as the new RPG will feature a brand new world and new Heroes of Light.

Gameplay details are scarce at the moment, but it is likely that we will see a return of the Job System feated in all games created by Team Asano as well as a turn-based battle system that will allow players to power-up by storing turns, like in the other entries in the series.

Bravely Default II launches sometime next year on Nintendo Switch worldwide.


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