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Isekai Slow Life Codes

Get the latest Isekai: Slow Life codes and make sure to redeem them for free rewards before they expire.

I didn’t believe that talking mushrooms can do a great job running a small town, but Isekai: Slow Life showed me just how wrong I was. The mushroom in question is you, dear player, and the cute little settlement is waiting on your managerial skills. I loved the fact that, even though you spawn as a mushroom, you get to become a human again by helping this little town grow, meeting new characters of all races, and assisting a bunch of adorable Neko girls.

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Still, to be a human again, you will need to work hard and be patient. There’s a lot of upgrading and investing ahead, and Isekai: Slow Life codes can help significantly. I was able to get Focus Candy, Crystals, Hire Cards, and more goodies that made everything much easier. If you also want these resources, make sure to redeem the codes below before they expire. If you have the time for another mobile game, we recommend Omniheroes—we have the codes for that game too!

All Isekai: Slow Life Codes

Working Isekai: Slow Life Codes

  • octcandy—Get 2 Diamond Rings, 2 Basic Earnings Cards, and 20 Focus Candy (New)
  • mushrum—Get 10x Fairy Bottle *New
  • aughappy—Get 2x Fairy Bottle, 2x Basic Hire Card, 2x Focus Candy, and 2x Gold Ring
  • MYLIFE—Get 200 Crystals, 2x Basic Elixir, 1x Bravery Crystal Ore, 1x Wisdom Crystal Ore, 1x Hope Crystal Ore, 10x Basic Earnings Card, and 10x Basic Hire Card
  • slowlifeobt—Get 100 Crystals, 2x Diamond Ring, 2x Fairy Bottle, 2x Jewel Necklace, 5x Basic Earnings Card, 5x Basic Hire Card, and 2x Focus Candy
  • julyluck—Get 2x Fairy Bottle, 1x Stamina Potion, 5x Basic Earnings Card, and 2x Focus Candy

Expired Isekai: Slow Life Codes

  • There are currently no expired codes in Isekai: Slow Life.

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How to Redeem Isekai: Slow Life Codes

Redeeming codes in Isekai: Slow Life is quite straightforward, but you might be confused about where to find the right option for entering codes if you’re new to the game. Just follow the instructions below to claim your freebies successfully:

How to redeem codes in Isekai: Slow Life
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  1. Start Isekai: Slow Life on your mobile device
  2. Finish the brief tutorial until you can interact with the screen on your own again
  3. Click on the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the main screen
  4. Choose Settings at the bottom of the screen
  5. Locate the Gift Code section in the middle of the new pop-up window
  6. Type in your code in the text box that says Enter a Gift Code (or paste a copied code if possible)
  7. Hit the orange Redeem button next to the text box to claim your free rewards

Where to Look for More Isekai: Slow Life Codes

You can look for codes or other announcements about the game in the official Isekai: Slow Life Discord community or on Facebook (@isekaislowlife). However, codes can easily get lost among posts about other game-related information, and you might need more time to sift through everything on your own. For that reason, the most convenient way to get all the working codes for Isekai: Slow Life is to bookmark this article and open it from time to time to get the latest updates. We hunt for codes all over the internet instead of you and post them in one place for your convenience.

Why Aren’t My Isekai: Slow Life Codes Working?

Have you checked the spelling? Typos are the number reason for issues with redeeming codes in many mobile games. So, if you’re entering codes manually, always pay attention to special characters and the case. We recommend copying and pasting codes whenever possible to avoid these problems.

If you’re still not getting your freebies, the code you’re trying to use may have expired in the meantime without any notice from the developers. In such situations, please, let us know in the comments, and we will investigate for more information.

How to Get More Free Rewards in Isekai: Slow Life

Isekai: Slow Life doesn’t feature many options to claim freebies besides redeeming codes. Your best bet to earn Gold and Crystals is to complete story quests and progress your path in the Stage tab. Also, as you upgrade your character, you will be able to claim Rank Rewards when you click on the avatar icon. As you unlock more options in the game (the Home tab in particular), you will be able to claim more freebies for meeting various requirements. Additionally, look for the announcements about giveaways and special events that developers post about on the official social media. You can enter and, with some luck, win valuable prizes!

What Is Isekai: Slow Life?

Isekai: Slow Life is a simulator game for Android mobile devices where you get reincarnated as an adorable mushroom who slowly turns back into a human while helping cute Neko girls run their inn. You will be able to take care of your village and build and upgrade buildings, unlock new fellows, start your own family, and encounter various races and characters by progressing the story in the Stage tab which will help you gain EXP points. To go further in the game, you will need lots of Gold and Gems to hire new employees for your buildings, clear new stages and gain experience, or upgrade your fellows, so make sure to redeem Isekai: Slow Life codes for free resources before the codes expire!

If you’re looking for free rewards in your other mobile games, you can find them in our dedicated Codes section here on TouchTapPlay—use the search field to find the game you’re interested in and claim all the freebies with the codes from our articles!

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