Is Stranger Things 4 Coming To Dead By Daylight?

stranger things 4 dead by daylight crossover

Dead By Daylight collaborated with the Stranger Things Netflix series back in November 2019, bringing a Stranger Things DLC to the game. Players were able to purchase Survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler, and Killer The Demogorgon. There was also a Stranger Things themed map: Hawkins Lab Underground Complex. After 2 years the DLC was retracted and no longer available to purchase, and the Underground Complex realm was removed from the game. Now there are rumours that almost a year later it may return… Is Stranger Things 4 Coming to Dead By Daylight?

Rumours of a Second Dead By Daylight Stranger Things DLC

Since Stranger Things has returned to Netflix, fans have been asking if another Dead By Daylight collaboration will occur. After the success of the Chapter 13: Stranger Things DLC, it would be unsurprising.

dead by daylight fan art reddit vecna
Fan-made concept art (via Harley Zed Mona on Reddit)

Both DBDLeaks and FBIntel on Twitter have suggested the new monster ‘Vecna’ could be added as a new Dead By Daylight Killer, but no suggestion yet of who the Survivors would be. Fans have said they would love to see Robin Buckley or new Stranger Things character Eddie Munson as Survivors, while others have suggested Eleven should finally be included. Others have suggested that there may not even be new Survivors, but just alternate skins for Steve and Nancy.

stranger things fan art dead by daylight reddit
Fan-made concept art (via Harley Zed Mona on Reddit)

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There was an artist’s rendition of what Vecna would look like in-game but unfortunately that was proven to be just fan art, and not actually leaked from Behaviour Interactive.

Fans will have to wait and see if these rumours prove to be true, but right now the speculation is just a bit of fun. What would Vecna’s Killer power be? Can you imagine the horrific Mori he would have? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Is Stranger Things 4 Coming To Dead By Daylight?


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