Poppy Playtime is a critically acclaimed first-person horror puzzle game where you try to uncover the secrets behind the disappearance of people at Playtime Co., a currently abandoned toy-making factory that once was the king of toy manufacturing. 

Poppy Playtime offers a true horror experience where the player character is vulnerable and can perform only limited actions, increasing tension while playing the game. You can use the GrabPack to hack electrical circuits or grab something from afar. 

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The game’s popularity far exceeds the PC platform, and thus we have many consoles, especially Nintendo Switch enthusiasts, who want to play Poppy Playtime on their Nintendo Switch. But they can’t find the game on the eShop, making people question whether Poppy Playtime is available on Nintendo Switch?

Is Poppy Playtime Available on Nintendo Switch

Image Via MOB Games Studio

At the time of writing this article, Poppy Playtime is not available on the Nintendo Switch platform. Moreover, we don’t have any official confirmation from developers’ MOB Games Studio on a Nintendo Switch release for Poppy Playtime—which makes the game’s arrival on the said platform rather not possible. 

Over social platforms like YouTube and other places, we often see videos and posts showing Poppy Playtime running on a Nintendo Switch Lite and other variant. Well, you already know it, but let us confirm that those are fake videos and posts. As we mentioned earlier, Poppy Playtime is not available on the Nintendo Switch platform, and for now, the devs are not looking for a console release for the game. 

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If—in the future—we have official news or conclusive leaks that suggest Poppy Playtime’s arrival on the Nintendo Switch platform, we will make sure to update this article or post a new one covering every detail on the game’s launch on Nintendo Switch. 

Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror game currently available on the PC platform with a mobile port currently in development. 

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Is Poppy Playtime Available on Nintendo Switch



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