The role-playing game One Piece Odyssey has become one of the best video game adaptations the anime and manga series has ever seen. Irrespective of what type of player you are, you can experience the story and complete the campaign within 30 hours or so.

But many players find the different set pieces easy, so you might want to know if One Piece Odyssey is too easy. 

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Is One Piece Odyssey Too Easy? 

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You can say so. One Piece Odyssey is easy even for regular and casual players, as they can complete the game without paying attention to equipment and other details. 

Level progression is easy and makes you powerful enough to tackle any content the game has to offer. Moreover, the combat learning curve is much easier in One Piece Odyssey, making the game a rather run-in-the-park experience. 

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You might be wondering whether you can complete One Piece Odyssey because of the difficulty level. In that case, we can assure you that the game is easy enough that even new players can experience it without any issues. 

There is no difficulty level in One Piece Odyssey, and players can level up fast using the XP bonus they receive upon completing the different challenges during Dramatic Scenes Battles. 

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That said, if you are someone who is worried about the game being way too easy and want to make things a little harder, we recommend you avoid completing Dramatic Scenes Battles challenges to ensure you don’t get any XP buffs. 

Apart from that, avoid using pieces of equipment that make you more powerful. 

That is it. That concludes our guide as we have answered the question, “is One Piece Odyssey too easy?”

One Piece Odyssey is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC platforms. For more on One Piece Odyssey, check out our dedicated guides section.

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