All Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Challenge Cube
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Have you already finished the main campaign in One Piece Odyssey and now looking for more things to do post-game? Don’t worry, cause this JRPG packs more challenges to keep you coming back.

One of the most exciting activities that you get to do after completing the main quest line is to locate all yellow/orange Challenge Cubes and complete related fights. If you’re struggling with finding them all, this guide brings the info on all cube locations in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Get Access to Challenge Cubes in One Piece Odyssey

The Challenge Cubes quest in One Piece Odyssey starts immediately after you finish the main campaign if you go to talk to Lim. She can be found in front of Adio’s house. After your conversation, you will get access to the first Challenge Cube with a powerful boss.

The first Challenge Cube you should encounter is the one in Alabasta, in the Desert near Alubarna, and it contains Smoker. After you defeat him, you will get money, experience points, and valuable items, but you will notice that the cube is still there.

Go back to Lim, and she will explain that the cubes can serve for practice and that there are 11 of them scattered across Memoria.

All Challenge Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

Since you’ve just defeated Smoker, you have 10 more Challenge Cubes to go. Here’s where you can find them:

  1. Bon Clay—Alubarna in Alabasta, the northern section of the map, in front of the big door
  2. Crocodile—Alubarna Royal Mausoleum, Alabasta
  3. Rob Lucci—in the sewers of Water 7; after you go to Basement level 2, head left and up the stairs and find the cube in the big room behind closed doors opposite the save point
  4. Kaku—Tower of Law Underground Passage in Water 7
  5. Akainu—Ox Bell Plaza in Marineford
  6. Kizaru—also in Ox Bell Plaza in Marineford, on the left side of the monument
  7. Aokiji—the right side of the monument in Ox Bell Plaza in Marineford
  8. Burgess—Coliseum Path in Dressrosa City Area
  9. Hakuba—New Royal Plateau (2nd level, War Plateau) in Dressrosa
  10. Doflamingo—New Royal Plateau (Sunflower Field) in Dressrosa

Complete all the challenges and receive powerful equipment, and then complete them again to unlock the Challenge Enemy Conqueror trophy.

Good luck in these difficult fights and make sure to check out our other One Piece Odyssey guides, including How to Get Mods for One Piece Odyssey and How to Complete ‘More Important Than Berries’ Quest in One Piece Odyssey.

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All Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey


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