Is Clash Royale Safe for Kids? – Answered

Who is Larry in Clash Royale

Clash Royale was on its pick in 2017. Despite this, the game still stays interesting for the community. However, many children are playing Clash Royale. So, let’s find out if Clash Royale is safe for them.

Clash Royale for Kids

Clash Royale is a free-to-play game. You can easily download it from the Play Market or AppStore. Also, the only limit which is in the game is age 9+. That makes Clash Royale completely free to download.

While this game is so popular, there are a lot of kids playing the game. Also, the game is free to download, which only increases the number of kids in the game. In this guide, you will be provided with the pros and cons of playing Clash Royale for kids. Whether playing is safe or not is only your decision.

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Pluses of Playing Clash Royale for Kids

  • The game develops their brain

Like any strategy, Clash Royale requires rational thinking. To win, you need to bear in mind the mana you have, your and your opponent’s cards, and correct unit placing. If the kid operates with these things, it will become more and more clever until a certain age.

  • The game is not cruel

Clash Royale is not focused on the fight system. You will not see any blood and voices of death. The main thing in Clash Royale is not to kill the enemy but destroy the tower.

Minuses of Playing Clash Royale for Kids

  • They get addicted

Like any mobile game, Clash Royale is created to take your time. And it perfectly works with kids. They have a lot of free time. Also, the game has a competitive mode to play unlimitedly. If kids play a lot, they will not be able to stop playing the game. That is how it works.

So, that was all with Clash Royale for kids. Only you decide if this game is safe for your child. 

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Is Clash Royale Safe for Kids? – Answered


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