The Diablo franchise has finally made its way to the mobile platforms with Diablo Immortal. And like any other mobile game, may it be a new IP or a widely popular franchise, there are some things that the game fails at, and Diablo Immortal is no exception. 

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In this article, we talk about whether the character customization offered in Diablo Immortal is good or not? Keep in mind—below, we have shared our opinion based on our experience. 

Is Character Customization Good in Diablo Immortal?

Image Credit – Hritwik, Level-5

To us! The character customization option in Diablo Immortal seemed rather underwhelming, considering the fact that Diablo Immortal is an MMO based on one of the greatest franchises in videogame history. 

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When you get started with Diablo Immortal, you get the option to select between different classes. Each Class in Diablo Immortal has a Male and Female version. Depending on your choice, when you select any of the two Sexes, you will be on the Character Customization screen of Diablo Immortal with Gear Preview, Customization, and Next options. 

Image Credit – Hritwik, Level-5

Above the Customization option, you get three pre-customized characters that you can select and get started with the game. However, there’s no denying that customizing characters in massive role-playing games is one of the best aspects of the genre. 

Image Credit – Hritwik, Level-5

However, in Diablo Immortal, when you select the Customize option. You get options to make minor tweaks to your character’s appearance, like changing skin tone, Pupil color, facial mark, facial hair, and a few other things.  

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Now, we are not saying that we expected character customization in Diablo Immortal on par with the character customization offered in games like Black Desert Online or any of the Wuxia MMOs. But at least the developers could have added variety to the character customization. 

Image Credit – Hritwik, Level-5

So, that’s it. We don’t think the character customization in Diablo Immortal is good, and we have explained why we think so. 

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Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer roleplaying game currently available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms. 

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Is Character Customization Good in Diablo Immortal? – Answered


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