Diablo Immortal Realm of Damnation Location Guide: Map, Bosses, Walkthrough


Realm of Damnation is the final location in Diablo Immortal that comes after the Frozen Tundra. Previously, it was supposed to be the Burning Hells zone, which was suitable in all respects, even in terms of lore, but the developers called the last zone in Diablo Immortal to be Realm of Damnation.

The Realm of Damnation in Diablo Immortal features many different challenges and open world gameplay similar to other zones in the game. Here you will find monster lairs, quests, events, and tons of loot. There are also special challenges that are only available in the Underworld, such as the Demon Gate and a new dungeon. In this guide, we will tell you about everything.

Realm of Damnation Plot Guide

According to the plot of Diablo Immortal, you have to rush in search of destructive fragments of the World Stone – the artifact with which Sanctuary was created. The Realm of Damnation is the personal domain of the Demon Lord. In this region of the Underworld, Skarn rules, who sent his servants in search of fragments of the Stone of the Universe. Here his word is the law.

At the end of the story quest in the Frozen Tundra, you will have to follow Skarn to his lair and uncover his plans for the fate of mankind and the World Stone. But you will not immediately come face to face with the Lord of Damnation and all his troops.

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Realm of Damnation Location Map

You can find the map of the location below:

Realm of Damnation Map

Realm of Damnation Zones

Realm of Damnation in Diablo Immortal consists of several districts and one, also a new dungeon. This is a new and very interesting location in the game. So far, two districts are known:

  • The Forest of Misery.
  • The Last Vestige is the center of the location.

First, you have to make your way through the twisted thicket of the Forest of Misery. There you will find demons who failed Skarn, and as a punishment, parts of this world were implanted into their bodies.

The Last Vestige is the center of the Realm of Damnation, its safe zone where artisans and other NPCs stand. Many years ago, a group of sentinel angels discovered the Realm of Damnation when it was just beginning to take shape in the chaos of the Underworld. The Angels were cut off from Heaven and could not return home, so they established their base there. 

Demonic Gate

In the Realm of Damnation in Diablo Immortal, along with the new dungeon, they added another feature – Demonic Gate. There are no hints of comfort here – this is a real cemetery of bones and sharp rocks.

Several times a day, Demonic Gates appear at random points throughout the Realm of Damnation. To strengthen his army, Skarn opened the gates for demons from other kingdoms of the Underworld. At certain times, demons arrive through portals located throughout the zone, and you can team up with two other players to seek out these portals, enter them and destroy the demons before they can join the legions of the Lord of Damnation. Valuable rewards can be obtained for these dynamic battles, and the chance to earn additional loot will and then sell it be available three times a day.

Realm of Damnation Final Boss

Skarn is a demon, the Lord of Curses, the final story boss of the entire game.

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Diablo Immortal Realm of Damnation Location Guide: Map, Bosses, Walkthrough


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