One of the most anticipated anime-styled MMOs the community has been looking up to, Blue Protocol, has finally got a release date for Japan, along with other new developments that have re-ignited the eagerness to try the game. But with that, we also have new questions, like is Blue Protocol pay to win? Can you buy stuff using real money to get a competitive advantage and other queries? 

Is Blue Protocol Pay To Win?

When writing this article, Blue Protocol had yet to be released. So, talking about pay to win aspect is a little complicated. Still, so far, Bandai Namco has assured that Blue Protocol will only feature monetization in the form of Battle Pass, Cosmetics, and other such things, which will have no direct impact on gameplay. 

Secondly, Blue Protocol will not feature PvP upon release despite being an MMO. So with no PvP, there is no such thing as pay-to-win. We have seen players on social platforms arguing that if Bandai Namco decides to sell XP Boost and other similar items on the Blue Protocol in-game store, it will make the game pay to win. 

Blue Protocol

But that doesn’t how things work with PvE content; even if you are getting XP Boosts, that will not count towards pay to win as there’s no competitive advantage that you are getting against other players. Some may say that since there is a party system, you can get ahead of your teammates by paying real money, and well, that still doesn’t count as pay to win. 

Keep in mind there is no confirmation on what sort of items players can buy in Blue Protocol using microtransactions other than the Battle Pass and cosmetics. In any case, we will update the article if there are any direct pay to win elements that get added to the game at the time of release or after that.

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Is Blue Protocol Pay To Win? Answered


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