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Blue Protocol vs. Genshin Impact – Differences Explained

Blue Protocol vs. Genshin Impact – Differences Explained

Blue Protocol vs. Genshin Impact! What are the differences between these two titles? If you are having this question, we have got you covered.

Genshin Impact may lack end-game content, may wear you out because of the Resin system, alike events, lack of innovation with the daily quests, and a few other things. Still, it was one of the first anime-style gacha roleplaying games from developers experienced in making mobile games released globally on multiple platforms. 

The game’s critical reception and success were justified as Genshin Impact offers a remarkably expansive story and setting, music that is second to none, high-quality animation, characters with deep backstories, and action-packed combat. And many other things that far outweigh the few shortcomings the game has.

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As a result, players have many questions whenever a new anime-style game comes out, like – is this going to be the Genshin killer? How similar is the game to Genshin Impact? And so on.


Bandai Namco recently announced new developments regarding their upcoming anime-style free-to-play MMO, Blue Protocol. And as we mentioned earlier, players are already looking for similarities and differences between Blue Protocol and Genshin Impact. 

Blue Protocol vs. Genshin Impact – Differences

Here are some of the most notable differences between Blue Protocol and Genshin Impact. 

One Is MMO, And The Other Is An RPG

Blue Protocol is an MMORPG that will offer far more content you can enjoy with your friends and randoms than Genshin Impact, a roleplaying game mainly focused on the single-player experience with limited co-op features.

One Gatekeeps Content, The Other Doesn’t

Genshin Impact gatekeeps its content using the Resin system – a similar mechanic that we often see in the form of Energy in many mobile games. But Blue Protocol does not gatekeep content. You can play as much as you want and grind whenever and for whatever hours. 

Gacha Mechanic

Genshin Impact has a gacha mechanic that allows players to obtain new characters and weapons. But there is no such system in Blue Protocol, and you must progress the game, grind bosses, quests, and other things to obtain new gear. 

Different Art Styles

While both Genshin Impact and Blue Protocol are anime-style games, Genshin Impact is more vibrant than Blue Protocol, which offers a “little bland” Code Vein-like art style. 

Class System 

As an MMO, Blue Protocol offers different classes and full-fledged character customization you can experience and choose between while starting your journey, compared to Genshin Impact, which lets you choose between Traveler twins. 

That is it. That are some of the significant differences between Genshin Impact and Blue Protocol. 

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Blue Protocol vs. Genshin Impact – Differences Explained


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