Among Us is a social deduction multiplayer game that saw a massive rise in the player base during the lockdown last year. There are thousands of players playing joining Among Us over multiple platforms like iOS, Android, PC, etc. And with that, we have scenarios when your friends or game partner are on another platform. So, “Is Among Us Cross-Platform on Mobile?”. 

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Is Among Us Cross Platform on Mobile?

Yes, Among Us is a cross-platform game where players from different platforms can play with one another. But, there is a catch, if you are not on the same server, you won’t be able to play with your friends.

Let us take a small example to understand Among Us cross-platform better. Suppose you are playing Among Us on PC and your server is NA. On the other hand, your friend is playing on an Android device and his server is Asia. Then, despite the cross-platform support, you cannot play together.

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So, before playing Among Us with your friends and family who use different platforms. Make sure that all of you are on the same server.

If you are on the same server, you can play Among Us with anyone, irrespective of the platform.

How to check server in Among Us?

To check on which server you are playing, simply go to the game’s main menu and look at the bottom right corner of the game screen. There you can find a globe-like icon stating your current server.

How to play Among Us with friends on a different platform?

Just host a Among Us game match from main menu and share your room code[located at the middle-bottom part of game screen, once you are in lobby] to your friends. They can join your game, granted they all are on the same server as you.

Among Us is currently available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

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