Among Us is a game about diligence and deceit. Crewmates must complete tasks to keep the ship running well, while the imposters must blend in and take out the crewmates one by one without drawing suspicion. Every player in the game controls different colored crewmates, and over time these colors have become beloved icons of the gaming community. If you’ve wanted to know more about the crewmates in Among Us, we have you covered in our character list of all the colors and their call-outs in-game!

All Crewmate Colors

There are exactly twelve different colors in Among Us for crewmates: red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan, and lime. Players can choose their color before a match starts in the game lobby by walking up to the laptop and interacting with it.

Colors provide no in-game benefits or weaknesses, they’re just there for fun and customization. You can also pick silly hats or have pets follow you around, but these are paid cosmetics.


Considered by many to be the main star of the show, the Red crewmate is featured the most on in-game artwork and promotional art. Red is the face of many Among Us memes, and many players have taken a liking to the phrase “red sus”. Red may be a prime target for some players thanks to the myth that Red is always an imposter.

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Blue is another main color that you’ll see in almost every game you play, though they’re not featured in that much official art like Red. Known as the pretty cool person who can keep calm even under suspicion, Blue is easily the smoothest crewmate hence the popularity.


Green is also a main color. Green has shown up in a few promotional artworks like Blue has, namely the imposter poster. Here’s an interesting tidbit: during the card swiping tasks where you must open your wallet, you can see a family photo with Green, Orange, and Cyan in it!


Pink, the most colorful and bright of all the colors, is always known to be the friendly one, despite actual circumstances. If you’re playing as Pink, you might be treated a little better than the other colors! Pink has gotten almost no official artwork appearances save for being dead in an imposter poster.


Orange is the normal, every day crewmate. They’re in the “Discuss” image, where they can be seen chatting with Green. Orange is also seen in the “How to Play” poster, where they are trapped by a locked door sabotage and later killed by the imposter. Getting trapped by the imposter can happen to anyone… including you!


Yellow is another normal color that is supposed to represent the average player. What cements this notion is that when you use the Admin terminal on any map, you’ll see that all of the crewmates come up as yellow to prevent players from identifying exact colors.


Black can be considered the suspicious and shady crewmate of the bunch, and the official artwork can be used as confirmation. You can see Black on both the sabotage and vent action buttons, implying that Black has a high potential to be the imposter.

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White, being the neutral color of the game, is supposed to represent normalcy. White is seen on the button used to host an online match, and they can also be seen in the “How to Play” poster fixing the reactor.


Purple has only been in a few promotional artworks, but the most noteworthy thing is that they had their own animation jam! A bunch of animators got together and made short animations with Purple being the imposter, and it was judged by the Innersloth devs. You can view all the shorts on Newgrounds!


Brown is the oddball color, but a good color nonetheless. Players who choose Brown as their color tend to be pretty normal and levelheaded, though that varies with each player. Brown has only showed up in a few promotional materials, with one being the “How to Play” poster.


Also known as light blue, Cyan is one of the most popular colors to pick, right up there with Blue and Red. Due to its popularity, Cyan is featured frequently in promotional artwork just like Red.


Another bright and vibrant color, Lime is another popular choice among players, though this does not resonate with official in-game artwork. Lime has shown up in only two pieces of promotional material, which is the lowest amount of all the crewmates.

Those are all the crewmate colors in Among Us. Which colors are your favorites and least favorites? Let us know in the comments below, and remember: don’t be sus!

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