Ironpants Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Get a Better Score


Today we continue our trip through the world of impossible to beat and extremely frustrating games with Ironpants, a slightly less frustrating game than the top iOS app nowadays, Flappy Bird. I am here to share with you a set of Ironpant cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get a better score and will keep your device safe from being smashed to the ground.

Since at the moment there is no real Ironpants cheat or hack (and we wouldn’t encourage the use of them anyway), here are some easy to follow Ironpants tips and tricks:

1. Practice a lot
Probably it won’t be sooner than 100 tries that you will get to pass the 5 score limit in Ironpants. The more you play, the better you get at the game and you learn the otherwise simple control mechanic (but difficult to master). If you don’t practice a lot, there’s not a chance you will succeed.

2. Stick tot he middle of the screen
The simplest way to make everything easier for you is to stick tot he middle of the screen: this way, it will be a lot easier to access high platforms, and somewhat easier to slide through those annoying low ones. As soon as you go too high or too low, you’re doomed. So try to stick to the middle.

3. Relax
So, you’ve tried to play the game 6-7 times in a row and it’s starting to get frustrating? Now it’s the right time to learn to relax – the angrier you get, the worse you will perform and from here on it is a downhill struggle. So try to relax during your Ironpants play.

4. Take breaks
Going hand in hand with the “relax!” advice, comes the one that recommends you to take breaks: you will tire quickly because all your senses will be insanely focused on keeping that guy alive, and as a result you will tire faster. The more tired you are, the worse you will perform and again everything gets from bad to worse in this case.

5. Understand you can’t win
At the moment of writing this article the highest score at Ironpants is close to 200. That is a LOT indeed, but still not a winner of a million points. Actually, this game is not one made for you to win, it’s one for you to beat your highest score until you can’t do that anymore. Part luck, part skill, this game can’t be won. Period.

So there you have it – some Ironpants tips and tricks that most likely will help you keep your sanity levels high and your device in a good condition. Good luck getting to 50 points!

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Ironpants Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Get a Better Score


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