Irene is one of the twelve girls in Girl Cafe Gun that players can use in their team as Firepower. Unlike Moon, Irene’s ability allows her to deal huge damage to enemies in an AoE. She can easily target large group of enemies, attacking them with her homing swords and other attacks. Moreover, having Irene on the team increases the team’s weapon damage by 5%.

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In this Girl Cafe Gun article, we will share some major details on Irene while talking about her Tactical Equipment form.

How to Get Irene in Girl Cafe Gun

Players can get Irene and her different costume forms from the Standard Supply banner.

Irene’s Weapon, Attribute, Tactical Numbers and More

Here is the basic info on Irene that players should know about.

  • Weapon – Pistol
  • Attribute – Mechanical
  • Position – Firepower
  • HP – 476 ~ 1460
  • DEF – 57 ~ 180
  • ATK – 119 ~ 371
  • Shield – 225 ~ 705

Tactical Numbers such as HP, DEF, ATK, and Shield increase when players enhance the player card.

Irene’s Skills: Active and Passive Abilities

Here are Irene’s skills, including her Active, Team, and Passive abilities.

Weapon Boost (Team Skill)

Increases team weapon damage by 5%.

Chain Slash (Active Skill)

Unleashes the homing swords carried by O.T.E. and attack targets in a large area, dealing 100.5% damage to each target every 0.25s. It can deal damage to one target up to 5 times. When the effect ends, the accelerated smash deals 671.8% damage to targets within an 11m radius.

  • LV.2 | Increases the damage of accelerated smash to 746.5%.
  • LV.3 | Increases sword damage to 145.1%.
  • LV.4 | Increases the damage of accelerated smash to 970.4%.

Taser Arrow (Passive Skill)

Attacks have a 50% chance to launch an electrified arrow that deals 266.9% damage to up to 3 nearby targets. Can be triggered once every 10s.

  • LV.2 | Increases the damage to 296.6%.
  • LV.3 | Increases the damage to 326.2%.
  • LV.4 | Increases the damage to 385.5%.

Combat Analysis (Passive Skill)

O.T.E. adjusts its power output according to the number of nearby enemies. Each target on the battlefield increases your damage by 1.9%. Stacks up to 7 times.

  • LV.2 | Each stack increases damage to 2.1%.
  • LV.3 | Each stack increases damage to 2.3%.
  • LV.4 | Each stack increases damage to 2.8%.

Enfeeble Res (Passive Skill)

Reduces your chance of being Enfeebled by 60%.

  • LV.2 | Reduces your chance of being Enfeebled by 75%.
  • LV.3 | Reduces your chance of being Enfeebled by 90%.
  • LV.4 | Reduces your chance of being Enfeebled by 100%.

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Girl Cafe Gun is a 2D gacha game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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