Lida Romero is one of the twelve girls in Girl Cafe Gun that players can use in their team as a Medic. Her abilities allow her to provide healing and other forms of support to the team. When put together with a Frontline Warrior, Lida offers some great amplification ratio. Moreover, having Lida on the team increases the team’s HP and Shield restore effect by 6%.

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In this Girl Cafe Gun article, we will share some major details on Lida while talking about her Casual form.

How to Get Lida in Girl Cafe Gun

Players can get Lida and her different costume forms from the Standard Supply banner.

Lida’s Weapon, Attribute, Tactical Numbers and More

Here is the basic info on Lida that players must know about.

  • Weapon – Shotgun
  • Attribute – Psionic
  • Position – Medic
  • HP – 417 ~ 1305
  • DEF – 53 ~ 166
  • ATK – 104 ~327
  • Shield – 216 ~ 675

The Tactical Numbers such as HP, DEF, ATK, and Shield increase when players enhance the player card.

Lida’s Skills: Active and Passive Abilities

Here are Lida’s skills, including her Active, Team, and Passive abilities.

First-aid Optimization (Team Skill)

The First-aid Optimization is Lida’s team skill. It increases HP restore effect by 6%, shield restore effect by 6%.

Air Support (Active Skill)

Calls in a drone to bombard the area in front of you 7 times, dropping 3 bombs each time. Each bomb deals 425.1% damage.

  • LV.2 | Increases damage to 472.3%.
  • LV.3 | Increases damage to 519.5%.
  • LV.4 | Increases damage to 613.9%.

Heat Extraction (Passive Skill)

Air Support restores 0.9% of max shield for every target it hits.

  • LV.2 | Restores 1% of the max shield.
  • LV.3 | Restores 1.1% of the max shield.
  • LV.4 | Restores 1.2% of the max shield.

Idle Cooldown (Passive Skill)

When the shield is above 80%, your skill cooldown speed is increased by 20%.

  • LV.2 | Skill cooldown speed is increased by 22%.
  • LV.3 | Skill cooldown speed is increased by 24%.
  • LV.4 | Skill cooldown speed is increased by 29%.

Paralyze Resistance (Passive Skill)

Reduces your chance of being Paralyzed by 30%.

  • LV.2 | Reduces your chance of being Paralyzed by 40%.
  • LV.3 | Reduces your chance of being Paralyzed by 50%.
  • LV.4 | Reduces your chance of being Paralyzed by 60%.

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Girl Cafe Gun is a 2D gacha game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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