Just launched last week, Injustice 2 Mobile came a bit unexpectedly and took the world by storm. Everybody plays the game right now and they are doing all they can to unlock all the characters in the game. That’s not an easy job, though. But we are here to help make it better with our Injustice 2 Mobile guide to unlocking more characters (heroes).

There are 38 characters in the game right now and even more might make it to the roster with future updates. Even with the current numbers, there’s a lot to unlock. And that is not easy. But knowing all the methods you have on hand to unlock them helps, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below how to unlock more Characters in Injustice 2 Mobile.

Collecting shards
Just like other mobile games that deal with unlockable characters, Injustice 2 brings you a shards system to get all Heroes. You need different amounts of shards for different types of characters. Here is the number of shards needed, based on the character’s rarity type:

– 1 star: 10 Shards
– 2 star: 30 Shards
– 3 star: 160 Shards
– 4 star: 360 Shards

This means that, when it comes to collecting shards, it’s not very lucrative to try buying them one by one for a 4-star Arkham Knight Batman. In the store, you get the chance to buy 5 shards for a specific character for 100 Gems, then the price increases by 5 Gems per purchase. That’s really expensive!

The Arena Store
This method is cheaper than spending Gems, but requires you to be pretty skilled in the game (make sure to read our tips and tricks to get better!) Basically, you can spend 50 Arena tokens in the Arena store for purchasing 5 Hero shards from the ones available on sale. You can purchase a total of 15 shards per Hero, but you also need to be really good in the Arena and win a lot of fights in order to do so.

Log in daily
There are daily rewards for logging in, and you should do your best to get them all. Every now and then, you will receive some Hero shards for free. Right now, it’s Superman that you’re getting Shards for, but these rewards will most likely change in the future.

Work on completing achievements
These are really good to getting you closer to unlocking some premium characters. Completing achievements rewards you with shards for the 4-star Armored Superman, so it’s worth working on them. Later on, other shards for other characters will be rewarded when completing Achievements.

Complete the Heroic Campaign levels
Once you unlock the Heroic Campaign levels, you can complete them and you might get a Hero shard dropped from doing so. Tap on the Characters in the Roster menu to see what campaign level you must complete in order to get a shot at collecting some shards. At the moment, it’s just the Heroes starting at 1 star that can get shards in the Campaign mode.

Get your free chests
Every 3 hours, you get to unlock a free chest in the game. On rare occasions, there will be some Hero shards inside, so make sure that you unlock them as often as possible.

Complete Challenges
During the weekends, you can complete the challenges for some extra Character shards. Make sure to take advantage of these Challenges and always complete them!

Spend real money
This is obviously the easiest way out. Or in. You can spend real life money to purchase Gems or the special offers that are available in the Store. These methods will make it easier for you to unlock more Characters in the game, but it’s also pretty expensive.

These would be all the methods you have on hand to unlock more Heroes in Injustice 2. If you manage to find other ways, let us know by commenting below!



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