Immortals Fenyx Rising

A lot of crossover content doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, as it brings together franchises that do not have all that much in common. But, this is definitely not the case with the new content that is now live for Immortals Fenyx Rising on Nintendo Switch.

The new crossover DLC brings content inspired by the Netflix show Blood of Zeus. From January 21st to January 28th, you will be able to experience a quest called A Tribute To Family which will see you fight against Chimera and Cerberus to obtain the Eagle Pendant and a new customization option.

The Blood of Zeus DLC is accompanied by new character and weapon packs that bring even more customization options inspired by the show.

Immortals Fenyx Rising released last year on Nintendo Switch, and it is one of the best open-world games made by Ubisoft, combining features lifted from Breath of the Wild and a solid combat system to offer an extremely fun experience.

Getting into the game, or planning to do so soon? Check out our guides to learn everything there is to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising’s mechanics.


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