Immortals Fenyx Rising

Clashing Rocks is the first area Fenyx will explore in Immortals Fenyx Rising, providing a good taste of the experience of the full game, since the area features all those optional objectives you can lose yourself into in the other areas.

This means that you are hardly done with the Clashing Rocks once you have reached the Hall of the God, as there is a single sidequest that you can complete once you have reached a certain point in the story. Make use of this opportunity to find more chests, collect Ambrosia, and explore Vaults of Tartaros that you may have missed before.

Clashing Rocks Sidequests

The Pot

The Pot is the only sidequest found in the Clashing Rocks area. This quest becomes available only after completing the War’s Den questline and restore Ares to his original form.

Once Ares has been restored, head to the Hall of the Gods and speak with him. The god of war will ask you to collect a pot for him located in the Clashing Rocks area. Head to the quest marker and jump off the edge of the cliff. You should find the remains of a ship and a breakable wall nearby.

Break the wall to recover the pot and bring it back to Ares in the Hall of the Gods. Here, he will shrink you so that you can enter the pot and fight three different waves of enemies.

There’s nothing special about these enemies, so you should not have any trouble dealing with them by using even a basic variety of skills and Godly Powers.

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